A quick reminded of the simple things we forget in our busy lives. about self-growth, self awareness and self love. In a quick and simple list of the things I learnt this year.

The best 31 things I learnt. 

The Best 31 Things I learnt

I started learning how to put myself before anyone else.

I learnt to not let people take advantage of me. Even when I didn’t care enough.

I decided not to let others see the disaster in me

before understanding it myself .

I learnt to depend on myself and no one else.

I learnt to ask my own opinion before anyone else’s.

I learnt to be weak,

I learnt to cry,

I learnt to give up and let go for no one but myself.

I learnt to not ruin myself for others.

I learnt to not stop my work to be available for others I learnt that there is a difference between those who care and stick with you and the ones that will leave the moment you do something wrong.

I learnt to know the difference.

I learnt to not hold my tongue back for someone else’s comfort.

I learnt to not stop myself just because someone else wants me to.

I learnt to not chop myself down and hand pieces of me to everyone around.

I learnt to let go of the ones that hold me down.

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What I love about her edit

She asks what I love about her,
And I think of her wild brown hair that dances with her in her pokemon Pjs .

I think of her blush that starts from her neck and stains her whole face in a matter of seconds. I think of her wild smile that heightens my heart rate all the time. I think of the times she holds her head high. I think of the times  she annoys me out of my mind when I wonder if she is crazy but gosh I fall harder those times.

I think of the beautiful frown she sports when she is annoyed at me. I think of the times she know which buttons to push. I think of her intelligence and of how I would give in for her. I think of the self satisfied smirk that adorns her face when she burns someone down with her words.

I think of her long toes that play with her slippers as we sit on the couch drinking coffee. I think of her hair between my fingers and her sarcasm. I think of her shine that gets me through dark nights.

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Sometimes, they leave

But darling, sometimes they leave.

They just walk off while standing right there.

And that is the biggest deception of it all.

They are there. Standing.

But not for you anymore.

The people you trusted so much,

the people who were your rocks are suddenly gone.

And it makes you question everything from day to night

and how maybe that is what you always were supposed to be, Alone.

And sometimes the people you saw your future with, Leave

Without stumbling or even pausing.

Without hesitating even a bit.

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What it felt like to win for the First Time, ever

My name was announced, I got up and walked towards the podium. There were about a thousand insects in my stomach but I don’t think I had ever smiled this hard before. I shook hands with the guest of honor and she beamed at me, there was a congratulation in her smile. I smiled back with my pearly whites on display.

My head was spinning a little, my legs felt like they would give in at any moment and between it all I felt like flying.

Yet somehow  it all felt right. I climbed up on the block with number 3 painted on it and then carefully on the number 1. Right in front of me in the stands was my mother. Clapping along with all the other parents. There was pride splattered all over her face like paint with a kid. I had beaten the odds. I had won. I could take off to the clouds right then.  This moment was finally here.

I wanted to laugh and cry at the same moment, my stomach was heavy but was full of warmth, my heart was beating too fast and my smile couldn’t stretch wider. I was happy to say the least. 

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Man Looking Up At Stars



And I still remember that night

When the whole world had gone dark

Just little lights in little homes

Far far apart

I still remember how we had grabbed our tiny flashlights

And had flashed them on the lonely lifeless street

below our rusted black balcony

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