Couldn’t Stay – A Love story that will actually make you Ask for more!

“Honestly? I am breaking you” she choked, “and you are breaking me”.
He took a deep breath and took a step towards her. She continued, “I cannot take this anymore, whatever game you are playing. I know I but I’ve already said sorry. And, I meant it.I don’t know what sick revenge this is, I don’t understand, but I’m sorry, I am sorry, SORRY” she screamed with her hands wide open in helplessness towards him.
She took another deep breath and tried stabilising her shaky tone “but I can’t stay and watch it anymore. I can’t watch you with her. I need to go”.
Silence followed her words as dogs barked far away.
“You are not leaving me.” he declared after a while in an almost alpha voice. All the games vanished from his voice.
The mask of indifference had cracked. This was exactly what she always did to him. Got the real him out.

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11 fresh Writers, You can read for Free!

Last year on my birthday, I featured my favourite writers online in hopes of giving back to the community, showcase some new Ah-mazing writers and to give you some more writers you can read online for free.

Since my birthday is tomorrow. I am continuing the tradition I started last year. Here is my birthday present to all of YOU.

Here is the list of my 11 favourite writers that inspired, improved, challenged and taught me through their writings online in some way or another this year.

Writers that you can read huge amounts of work for FREE online and be inspired challenged and amazed.

Fasten your belts…

Here we go!


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A quick poem about a Love in Spring


A short love poem that didn’t evolve the way I thought it would. Losing someone when you thought they will be there is just another experience. It takes away your trust in things and people. It’s okay though you grow up and learn from this. You now understand better who to trust and who not to.

Hope you like it!

In spring I met him

He loved my laugh 

And asked me for coffee

In summer we cuddled on his bed

While the screen played some random movie

In fall my life started falling apart

My smile weaken and my eyes lost their shine

And through I tried to battle

with all my might

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But Sometimes They Leave, No matter what (Poetry)

But darling, sometimes they leave.

They just walk off while standing right there.

And that is the biggest deception of it all.

They are there. Standing.

But not for you anymore.

The people you trusted so much,

the people who were your rocks are suddenly gone.

And it makes you question everything from day to night

and how maybe that is what you always were supposed to be, Alone.

And sometimes the people you saw your future with, Leave

Without stumbling or even pausing.

Without hesitating even a bit.

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I still remember that night. (Short Poem)

Man Looking Up At Stars

And I still remember that night

When the whole world had gone dark

Just little lights in little homes

Far far apart

I still remember how we had grabbed our tiny flashlights

And had flashed them on the lonely lifeless street

below our rusted black balcony

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