What made you hate him so much- Poetry

Hey guys! Thank you all those who are participating in The Topic Thingy!It is real fun!

And yeahhh….I am a bit behind schedule but I will catch up soon. Don’t worry 😉 Just stay tune. A lot of those butterflies are gonna attack this blog…or your stomach xD

Enjoy 😉


What made you Hate him so much.  edited

What made You Hate Him so much.

And you thought you weren’t meant for love
That only pain came out of it
So You hate him
So so much

Because being unlovable seems like a lie
When you look into those eyes
Because suddenly your safe heart wants to risk it all
For him
Because your closed heart wants to sprawl
All the secrets and pain out
For him
Maybe that’s why he scares you as much as he does
Maybe that’s why you push him as much as you do
Cause those eyes make you believe
Not only in love
But even yourself

So here is my second post for The Topic Thingy. Not all happy happy but It is definitely the “Fist Sighting of Love.” Do tell me what you think!

16 thoughts on “What made you hate him so much- Poetry

  1. Pretty good, still I remembered a gay stalker I once had, and by that the same words would not be good or lovely at all…

    Not your fault though, so I give my like to your poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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