The Distance killed us

Distance killed us

They ask why you both broke up.

They talk About how perfect you both were.

You close your eyes and a million memories flash through them .

How she stayed up late for you and how she understood you without having to say a word. How you thought about her in the middle of the day and how she smiled when you got her something. How she lightened your whole, how she was your escape from life, how it felt to hold her close, how you promised yourself to never let her alone. Even how you single handedly destroyed it all, how you couldn’t make time for her anymore. how helpless you felt, how she said she’s had enough and How everything was slipping right off your hands.

You know you should’ve tried a little harder, fought a little more for her.

You know you shouldn’t have let her walk away , you should’ve chased her like crazy. But you did not. Instead, you let her walk off. You remember her disappointed face and open your eyes. Run a hand through your hair and just say “the distance killed us” in a thick voice.

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83 thoughts on “The Distance killed us

  1. Oh, the power of the written word. Your creativity and diversity astound me. Once again you have inspired me and taught me how to become a better writer. Powerful story. Thank you!

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  2. so pretty and so sad. Would have been nice if it had been longer. My husband and I started out as a long distance relationship (we lived ten hours apart), and it was hard, but we made it. Makes me sad for your characters. Keep up the good work! And thanks for liking my blog.

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  3. Imagine a old wagon wheel perpendicular to the ground on an axle. During a normal single life it justs goes the easiest speed. If you run into an emotional happening the wheel starts to go faster having the problem sliding out on the spokes going to the outer wheel rim. If the emotion can’t be controlled the wheel starts to go faster and the emotions become uncontrolled and spits on the passing people so then they become involved trying to solve this emotional upset.
    If this problem is between loved ones the invested time and caring the wheel will continue to go faster and before you know it all your emotions have disappeared with nothing left to continue on because the wheel shot off the axle never again to be seen. Did you read all this?? If you did you have a lot of stamina. I almost always write short poems, stories and especially replies —smile—

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  4. he he… I am calm… I was asking if that what you meant!
    DOn’t worry… I am calm and cool!

    Yeah this thing what you just said is absolutely true… We do sometimes are able to express things with text rather than in real… but the effect of real is much more deeper than the virtual…trust me on that…(well and that deep can be either good or bad…can’t tell exactly what it’s gonna be)

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  5. ummm…never felt like using it…

    see… its like… the one I liked were already taken and I usually have a really different approach to approach a girl… coz this one is though smart to some extent but kinda cheesy and for sure quite old!

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      1. I m saying it easier virtual than real life. Don’t mean to offend you. Just stating a fact. Its said that most people say things in texts they won’t in real. Calm down

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    1. Like the toddler kinda kid is what I meant. And yes I am on the younger part of the age list yet. Only people tpo young or aunties too old have problems telling their age. Anyways I am 17 how old are you?

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      1. Well… Then…
        I take my words back…

        Should I greet you like a normal guy does to a girl?
        “Oh hello beautiful… How are ya? Did I hurt when you fell from heaven?”

        (lol…..I’ve literally never said that to any girl or even a guy…. So o thought why not try for once)

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      1. You want my honest opinion?

        There are few and really few mistakes I guess….
        I am no expert in English but I thought there was…
        Wait let me point it out…

        1. Run a hand through youR hair(I guess u missed a ‘r’)

        2. How she lightened your whole ____.(I guess u missed to write ‘world’)

        3. Dint( don’t make short cuts… U are blogging my dear,,,not having chat with me and Aaliyah…lol….don’t mind my saying like this okay?)

        4. Some wrong use punctuations… Like- there should be comma after- ….you open your eyes, run a hand…. Not a full stop….

        And rest as I said before…there was a use of internal rhyme but well u didn’t notice that…coz u know what…u used it pretty nicely!

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      2. Hahaha thank you so Much for this!! See that’s what I am talking bout! Honest stuff! I m gonna rectify them and can know what my mistakes are right? ! Thank you so much dude! For the taking time out and everything!

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  6. Whew! This is fantastic, Jade! The brevity of it is intriguing. You could use this as a great jumping off point for something larger in the future. For this, though, there is just enough to leave the reader wanting more. There’s just enough hurt, and regret, and “might have been.” I love the closing…very well done.

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