A wonderful Letter To his New Girl from his coward Ex

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Moving on and finally letting go. A Lady writes a wonderful letter to her ex’s new girl.

To the girl that made him laugh again,

Maybe this is a thank you letter? I guess I just have some things to say just..stick with me.

I don’t know anything about the relationship you have with him but I know him. I know his soul. I used to know his thoughts, his laughter still rings loud in my ears. Maybe you guys decided to take it slow for now or maybe you guys are just rushing into it. It’s not my business. 
I guess I just want to thank you. Thank you for making him laugh again, I saw glimpses of the person he used to be, glimpses of happiness in him today. I am grateful to you for that. You may wonder who I am. I am the girl who broke the light in him. Before you hate me, sometimes you don’t have an option in life. Things don’t exactly go like the fairy tales. We had a bumpy rollercoaster, I just hope you stay in the seat with him till the end of the ride.

I know its difficult, the boy dances with fire and moves like water. And I know how some days you will want to choke him and punch him yet other days you’ll want to have his arms wrapped around you fighting the world together. I know what he does to our poor hearts.

Just know he means the words he speaks. He isn’t the kind that will say things so you are happy. So when does say talk just…listen. I know cause I have been there. I know he’ll make mistakes and I know sometimes he is very, VERY stupid and he forgives people too easily. I know cause I have seen it. But please. Please don’t ask him to change that. Please don’t scream at him and fight with him because he has a kind heart. Please don’t. Just love him. Love that silly boy to the brink. I am not telling you to give yourself up. Oh no. Please don’t do that. You will lose yourself and he will move on. You’ll hurt and he’ll feel guilty but won’t really be able to do anything. He’s too honest for his own good. So yes, tease him, play games with him, test his fire, make him fight for you, sometimes even make him believe what you want is exactly what he wants but please don’t change that boy. Be honest with him, tell him you love him whenever you feel like you do, tell him how you fear that he will run away, tell him about your darkness, I promise he won’t run. Ask him about his fears, ask him about his dreams, ask him about his day just listen to that boy talk. 

The world moves too fast for the cliched romances and you will look back and wish you would have just enjoyed the good times a little more.
Let him be the man sometimes and be a scary crazy lady sometimes, let some things go but not the ones that hurt you. And I know what it feels like to get advice about him from his ex but I promise you he wouldn’t be with you if he doesn’t feel anything. I may be his past but you might be his future. Just please take care of him for me? That silly boy deserves to be loved. 
Thank you again for fixing what I broke. I know it has nothing to do with me. Just…thank you?

Yours sincerely,
His ex. 

Hey Sakshi Bhatia here! Woooh So what do you all think of this? Do you think you’ll ever be able to write to his new girl? Without any hate? I for one don’t think alot of people can. I dont think she is actually a coward but its from her point of view and she thinks she is one soo….don’t blame me folks xD

There is this one line I like a lot ALOT in it – The world moves too fast for the cliched romances and you will look back and wish you would have just enjoyed the good times a little more.

Which one is yours?

Tell me! And share it with your friends so they can read it too!

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6 thoughts on “A wonderful Letter To his New Girl from his coward Ex

  1. Well i for one can never write this letter because that girl happened to be my best friend. If only i could write a letter like this without feeling guilty or without crying …( im way too emotional ) . Really loved your poem

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, that is absorbed painful. How did you get through it? You can write it and never show it 😉 As a writer you can write just for yourself. It feels amazing.


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