What I Love About Her?

What I love about her edit

She asks what I love about her,
And I think of her wild brown hair that dances with her in her pokemon Pjs .

I think of her blush that starts from her neck and stains her whole face in a matter of seconds. I think of her wild smile that heightens my heart rate all the time. I think of the times she holds her head high. I think of the times  she annoys me out of my mind when I wonder if she is crazy but gosh I fall harder those times.

I think of the beautiful frown she sports when she is annoyed at me. I think of the times she know which buttons to push. I think of her intelligence and of how I would give in for her. I think of the self satisfied smirk that adorns her face when she burns someone down with her words.

I think of her long toes that play with her slippers as we sit on the couch drinking coffee. I think of her hair between my fingers and her sarcasm. I think of her shine that gets me through dark nights.

I think of her smile when we are sit in the garden watching children play because that was her escape from life. I think to the time when she was hugging my favorite jacket close to keep herself warm from the chilly winds outside. I think of how sometimes I think of her as my invisible jacket. I think of her tears and how I would willingly take all blows I can, just for her.

So I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her close  only to whisper “I love everything. Just Everything you are.” And I know she deserves to know more.  But the damn blush starts again and I think she knows exactly what I mean.


Jade 😉




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94 thoughts on “What I Love About Her?

    1. Hahaha I am sure your talking about me in the great mind part xD Just kidding. I think it’s a great idea!! It should be fun but we might just end up annoying each other instead haha I’ll ask him about it. Thanks for all the likes and stopping by michnavs! I appreciate it alot!

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  1. Well the one person suggested you are a guy instead of asking if you are into women. That would have been a better question. I personally have gay and lesbian friends and I understand non gay women complimenting other women for anything at all but straight men do not normally unless it is something regarding their fashion or something they are jealous of.

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    1. Hahaha he is a friend who was just joking around pal dw. And nope I am not into women, it was just the character I was into. Well I do know a lot of men who do think like that…but can never man up and say it. It’s more like he s content with her? And it doesn’t always have to be jealousy or something for a guy to think like that dude. And come on i know guys who literally laugh on anything their crush says xD Its CUTEEEEEE!

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      1. I stay in character in a lot of writings and switch so much I can make ppl dizzy or I stick with it for several posts in different categories. Though I do not look at guys, LOL.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. I did it is in erotica from both sides of control. I can write from a woman’s POV. I would wonder what would be thought as some of my adult stuff did really well but I offended like 20 close friends even though they were clearly titled. I could talk from a woman’s POV as I also plan to add a couple of different poetry styles. I have some with no style as they are pictures or waves and that has no real title and I have 400 plus poems and I 4 times added categories but not to a roll that big it would take a day. LOL

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      1. Talk about ninjas, yesterday I saw a documentary about ninjas, you know that they cut off the heads of the opponents in battle and take them with them back. And the ninja with most heads is considered the best. Hell, I´m wanna be a ninja, walking around town with heads in my hands, nobody would mess with a person like that so forget about Mafia

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I did not know that! Wow you can store those heads on a wall and then have them state at you like dude you killed me. Shit! What if one of the head starts talking one day! Hahaha yeah you can even dodge the mafia bullets with the ninja sword! But they have a funny traditional costume tho xD you won’t look badass in it!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That´s true, the freaking customs looked like they where going more to a festival than to battle.
        Aboout the heads, ofcourse you can hang them on the walls. Here in Spain people that are really into Bulls, I like running with them but the bullfights bore me, anyways they do have a bunch of heads of Bulls on the walls you even find them in certain very typical Spanish bars which as you would guess I love to go, I even start talking to the Bulls head after a couple of beers, they´re quite nice by the way a bit silent sometimes though but good listeners.

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      4. Hey! Maybe their battles are celebrations for them! Yeah I knew it was a tradition somewhere. Bull fights scare me srsly. Even the bull riding thing. I d prob die if I try that haha. Anyways after a few beers everything become good listeners haha. Did those bulls bitch to you about their owners? And tell you dirty secrets of the bar? xD

        Liked by 1 person

      5. So you went out living me here talking to myself whie you where having fun with your Friends and you think is right and you think is good and you think….no! You go out when I say you go out, now go get me a cup of tea.

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      6. Just expose every part of you….meaning your feelings, just be an open book so I can read it.
        Damn, that line just came out, not bad I think, may even try it with a flesh and blood person

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Maybe we meet some day, who knows, maybe in Paradise…..but not there since I´ll probably going to hell so during my lifetime in this earth, I´ll part the seas like Moses to see you. From India you are if I remember correctly? Well if you´re from there I´ll be the white guy on top of an elephant, one of those you guys have roaming through the streets. Not hard to spot me

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Don’t worry I am going to hell too so prob will meet ya there 😉 Hahaha and if u bring elephants in my city ull prob get arrested xD But yup white guy on elephant will keep it in mine !

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Oh. But srsly once a guy was so confused that I have white skin being an Indian…he went like dont all Indians haveblack skin? Srsly that was one of the weirdest things I was ever answered to.

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      10. I´m so white that a person told me if I came from Pluto, since the sun doesn´t reach there, I´m hey dudess are you nuts or what? Then she kissed me thinking she was kissing someone from another planet an E.T of sorts so it kind of went well being confused that way

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Shit I just saw this hahahahahaha this person commented on my post saying we should do a collab cause he enjoyed reading our chat so I was like what did this dude read and I m laughing!

        But srsly Pluto? It’s not even a planet geez. Wasn’t Ur face enough for her to run away tho? xD

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Ayy don’t tell me what to do! *Growls*
        Yeah your comments are pretty normal huh we really should have a post with us debating or even just a normal convo of us haha Its entertaining now that I read them !!

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