A guilty boy. A bell and a mother- Refreshing Short Story


A short story about a teenage boy finds comfort by admitting to a crime to a mother. However, things aren’t how they seem.


The Crimson sky was over his head as he walked towards the door. A seventeen year old with difficult decisions in tow. ‘Is it really worth it?” he wondered. Maybe not, but he needed to finish this game once and for all. 

The brown wooden door seemed more daunting than ever. He noticed the stains on the golden door knob. He would know, he had been staring straight at it for days now.  There were so many times he had tried to do this but couldn’t. So many times that his fears overcame his intentions.


His heart beat wildly, his hands were sweaty, his face was burning. He couldn’t do it. He could not. He needed more time. What was the point of this anyways? Nothing. He would only invite more trouble by doing this. His life would be easier without doing this. The heavy feeling in his gut disagreed. So he ignored it and turned around.  ‘Failure’ his brain taunted. He shut it down. It was the same old thing, he had done this way too many times to count.

That was when he heard a sweet voice call out “Do you want something, sweetie?”

Alarms went off, he felt his body shiver, his knees wobble. He knew this voice all too well. He could do it. He has to do it now. He turned around and looked at her.

“Were you doing something wrong around here, you look like I caught you off guard?”

Intense hot blood rose in his face and his brain shut down. However, the lies that were ingrained in him poured out.

“No mam, Actually I thought nobody was home so I was just about to come back tomorrow”

“You could’ve rung the bell”

“It doesn’t work” he hoped it didn’t. He never had the guts to try. The fifty something year old woman in her beautiful satin pink night gown paused for a second. Then said

“Ah it gets jammed sometimes, so what is it that you want?

‘An apology’ he said in his head.

Cannot. Cannot say this. Cannot. Go. NEED to go.

“Nothing, I am just sorry” he mumbled and turned around to quickly leave. He could not do this. He cannot risk his entire life. He could hear the sirens ring in his ears, the stench of hospitals, the fear. It was all coming back to him. This was stupid of him to do. He shouldn’t be here.

Go. Now. leave. His brain ordered.

“Do you think I don’t know you?”

That made him stop in his tracks. She knew him? How? What?

“I saw you in the police reports, they showed me your pictures”

That answered it. His body shook as he tried to stand still. He could not turn around and face her. She knew him. She knew what he did. How could he face her? So he just stood.

“It wasn’t your fault.”  she said.

This was just what everyone always said to him. It was his fault though, he expected her to know that. Maternal instincts whatever. His shaking intensified. All the frustration over the years, the anger, the shame and guilt bubbled up within him. Rising higher and higher until he turned around with glossy eyes and screamed

“How can you say that?” he paused and breathed heavily then screamed again “How dare you say that when I took everything away from you”

She looked at him with a blank expression. She was so far too numb to feel anything. She looked at him as if he was an animal in the jungle.

“God takes who he wants to take, you were just a tool in the middle” She whispered in the calmest extra sweet tone. Repeating the things that had been told to her.

What a dumb lady. What a dumb person. What a dumb existence. He doesn’t deserve to be let off guard. Not this easily. He should be screamed at, hit even, he should be the one in his place. Anything but this.

“You must hate God then” he spoke after a while.

“Only sometimes” she whispered and silence enraptured them. A thick fold of comfort wrapped around two hurting souls.

“Come in and have some tea”

She spoke breaking the delicate veil.

He shook his head “I don’t deserve it”

“You didn’t kill my son” she suddenly spoke the words he had been craving to hear. The only words that could give some peace, the words that can save him from himself.  

“It was my decision to drive”

“You were a kid back then, He agreed to sit in your car knowing your drunken state. That truck barging in was not your fault. You did everything you could to save him, you were the one that asked the first aid doctors to look at him first, right?”

A thick hot tear rolled down a chubby cheek as he walked into the house. A kid broke down and lay his heart bare in front of a stranger. Years of pain ran down in his cheeks as the women patted his back. He never imagined it to be this easy. All the guilt he held within him flowed right through him as he tried and failed to look decent in front of her.

She sat beside him, tending to her own tears. A couple cups of tea lay cold on the table.

“Why do you not blame me?” he asked after catching a hold of himself.

She paused for a second and assessed the boy then spoke- “Because there is no point in it”. He nodded.

A couple hours later the door was shut after the formal goodbyes. There was an agreement of never having to see each other again.

She shut the door and sighed.

“Why’d you do that huh?” Her unnoticed husband sitting on the kitchen stool asked. “You always said that boy killed our son”

“Oh he did, but have some mercy on me, I was tired of seeing that killer standing on our porch every day, at least now he’ll stop standing there like a moron and I can find some peace”.



OOOO mystery. I tried something different and well TA-DA! I hope you all like it. Let me know in the comments below where do you think the story was going? And what do you think about the ending?

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