Hey! I am Sakshi Bhatia, the sole owner, writer, marketer and creator of Being1nsane.

I believe each of our stories together can show the real truth of this world. Therefore I am here to share my stories and my version of truths. The topics range from a variety of topics that I encounter as I try to be the best version of me.

I hope you can be here for my journey and let me know your side of the stories. I hope you stick around and grace my thoughts with your thoughts.

Just a simple girl obsessed with humane stories.

Stories that make you feel, bleed, fear, inspire and are so much more than just a story. I try my best to write such stories. If I do, please let me know!


Craving a good read? But you don’t really want to pick up an entire novel

Cause you don’t know if you have the time to finish it or don’t want to spend the money it takes to buy it.

Sure, you have a lot of stories online but then

There is the risk…Will it be good enough? Will it be what you want to read?

Anyways, you are on your way to work or in a gruesomely long line and are really craving a good punch of longingness


Or maybe you want to ready something really romantic and short.

Or maybe you just want to relate to somebody and not feel so alone in this big fat world?

Maybe you just need someone to tell you it is okay.

Or Maybe you just want to have a quick wholesome read on your break and escape the reality for a little while.

Or maybe its been a while since you’ve felt really anything through words.

If that is where you are,

Then this blog is for you.

This blog is all about snackable literature.

The kind you can take on the go. Maybe share it tooo?


So, are you ready to join us on our boat and become an 1nsaniac?

If so Click Here and Jump right into it! I’ll send my ebook to you for FREE along with my top posts to get you started! Just click here and you’ll be loaded 😉

If you aren’t ready for it yet, No worries! We’ll be here whenever you change your mind.

You can start exploring the Sea with my all time favourite posts – The Distance Killed Us, See My Confidential Letter To Myself (Something You need to hear) And  Riding Love

I also write Quotes in case you need even smaller reads. You can check them out on my Instagram or HERE!






128 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jade, I would like to invite you to my blog party which is going on right now. It goes on through the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with other awesome bloggers like you. I hope to see you. The party link is titled Summery blog party live link. Regards, Jacqueline

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog–you have a LOT of fans here! You said you like challenges–so here’s one you might enjoy: Six Sentence Stories. Ivy hosts it weekly with a Cue/prompt she posts on Sundays. I really enjoy it, and I don’t do many challenges (no time)–so here’s her link: https://unchartedblogdotorg.wordpress.com. I know she’d love to have you join in, and you’ll love Ivy and her dog, Doug! Hope to see you there!! Best wishes, Musette

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      1. Yes. I did. Hope to see more of you around here. Should I call you jade ? I missed your name in about section i guess. 🙂


  3. Wanted to read some of your postings but your Insaniac menu stops me from doing this. It drops into the middle of the page and the rest blacks out. Should you look at this?

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    1. Oh that is the first time I am hearing that. Could please tell me if you are reading it through WordPress or browser? Which browser in that case if you don’t mind. Thank you so much for the heads up! I’ll directly look into it!


      1. Hi again, it’s working fine this morning. I was looking at it through WP and my browser is Google Chrome. As it’s cleared up of its own accord I guess we can leave it.

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  4. Good Evening! I say this because in Australia it’s 9;20pm. I have no idea what time it is there, so it may be Good Morning to you!!

    Congratulations on your lovely blog. You sure come across as a happy camper!! I am one of your fellow bloggers of the day on the Solidarity Challenge. Lovely to meet you, warmly, Nicole

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    1. It’s almost evening here too! So good evening to you too! Oh, thank you so much! Happy camper all the way!! I was just going to check your blog out but you beat me to it xD Its a pleasure to meet you, thanks for stopping by Nicole, it was lovely! – Jade

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  5. Hi The Solidarity Challenge did bring me here what a great vibe you have! Nice Blog if you like Art and Design that’s what I am an artist that also like to write Hope that you will come visit! Have a wonderful day!

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  6. Jade, thanks for following my blog. Read your post about not giving up on that dream. I think we all hit those rough patches that make us wonder at times, “oh how the hell am I gonna get this off the ground?” But its so true that the voice doesn’t ever quiet down. It just gets louder. So we might as well get loud with it.

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    1. Hell yes! It leaves us with no choice huh. That voice is like a stubborn kid, it needs you to do what it wants. Thank you so much for stopping by! So glad you liked it !!


  7. Hey there Jade! I found you through a friend (or a friend of a friend) and your blog looked interesting so I thought I’d tell you. It’s October, and in honor of my birthday month I’m hoping to find 10 fun and exciting bloggers a day and strike up a conversation with them; who knows, maybe you’ll come visit me and join in the fun, maybe even follow? Have a good one!

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    1. Hey Jacob! Happy birthday (belated of advance idk) I am glad you found it interesting. I really do wanna know how you found me tho. (Curious soul here!) . Thanks for stopping by! I’ll surely look up your blog! Maybe even follow? 😉 Who knows? Have fun! Happy birthday again!


  8. I really like this! I love people who write about their musings, I especially have a fondness for poems. They have such a graceful way of telling a story in such few words. Such wonderful writing, I am very impressed!

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