To the Bestfriend that went abroad – Nothing ever changed

Three years ago I wrote a letter to my best friend. At that time I was filled with feelings of fear and uncertainty, I wasn’t sure what’ll happen to us. Three years later? Here’s another letter to her on her birthday.

Dear Bestfriend,

It’s been three years since you’ve left this country to make numerous other countries your home. You’ve come back several times and everytime you did we both had completely changed as people. The distant cultures are not something to be taken lightly.

Your life is different and often times we don’t talk for months on end. I don’t really understand your job and you’re not really sure what I am doing anymore. We’re so busy with little things and people that we can’t really do much but exchange memes. I hate the helplessness when something goes wrong in your life and all I can do is call or text.

But so what?

When we do get on a call, we stay up talking all night about life and theories of staying on mars. When we meet it’s almost nothing has ever changed. That’s what I love about us, we’ve changed as people but not as friends.

Our friendship has grown into something so much more beautiful. We’ve seen growth and pain. We’ve survived distance and heartbreaks. Distance has added a sense of confidence in our friendship.

We don’t both know we don’t need validation from each other but there is something more, unique to it all. We seek comfort from one another.

We know no matter where we are in this universe we have someone on some part of the world standing and rooting for us. Someone to hear the crazy story of our life, someone who’s always on our side of the ring. That itself is something people can survive on.

Before you left I had a very different view of friendships, I thought they are something to hold on to, or else you’ll lose your friend. I believe people are only friends if they talk everyday, if they know every detail of your life. Can I say I was childish.

This experience of being apart has taught me friendships are so much more than I realised. They are about the infinite love you have for a person no matter how much that person changes.

Friendships are about the efforts that feel effortless, the sacrifices that don’t feel like any.

They are about pushing each other to grow. the courage to call out each other’s bullshit and it’s about the comfortable corner where you can simply be yourself.

Thank you for giving me the corner that never changes, no matter how much I did. I’m not sure how many people can say the story of friendship, well, thank you for giving me one to tell. Super proud of you and everything you’re becoming.

When are you coming back though? 

Love you, 

You’re Best friend. 

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See you soon!

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