Inside a broken castle- Poetry


inside a broken castle edit
Poetry by Being1nsane

Inside an old castle – Poetry

The walls are peeling out

Gone is the king, Gone is the queen

Their only remain,

Remains is the princess,

Now the queen

Alone sits the princess in her lush gown

Alone cries the princess with her mighty crown

Gone are the smiles, gone are the joys,

leaving behind just frowns,

Gone are her parents with a massive sacrifice

Left is the princess surrounded by

Beautiful walls up so high

But time isn’t made to waste

The princess has to get up

There are tastes that await

The army has to be lead

The kingdom is looking up to her,

They need a head.

She wipes her tears

Stands up tall

Straightens her back

And walks through the door

Looks upon her kingdom with emotionless eyes

Blows a deep breath and orders to fight,

To fight like they never fought before

To fight and make her parent’s sacrifice glow bright

To fight to survive

Soldiers die, towns get destroyed but still the little kingdom fights

Finally, glows the sun in full blast

Victory is what they receive atlas

The princess smiles

Upon the celebrating crowd

because even though they won this war

She is the one who actually lost it all.


Being 1sane 😉


Can I trust you all with another one of my fears? Well, it so happens big, gloomy and lonely mansions have always scared me. The thought of living alone does make me feel good but in a small cozy place with Simple DIYs that I did to decorate the place. Really not into big houses that are empty! It’s creepy! Also, it would feel soo lonely if you are the only one there even with just maids and servants. No offense but you need to have people you don’t pay to stay with you right? So if a house isn’t all cheery and happy with lotta people in it. It is a no no for me!

Its weird I know because most of the people dream of big houses and castles. Is it just me though? I hope not xD Do let me know what you think!

So this was a quick poetry for you all! Hope you all liked it. Let me know what you think and if you want anymore medival kind of poems and stories. And Some BIG changes are coming over. The one’s on the email list will know 😉 Click here to Join up!

Pst Some BIG changes are coming over.

The one’s on the email list will know 😉

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58 thoughts on “Inside a broken castle- Poetry

      1. My first completed book is called The First and the Last. It’s basically a knight saving a princess story, but with a lot of metaphor and philosophical elements. A few chapters are on my blog. Welcome to the Jungle is a prequel to THE FIRST AND THE last, but it’s not done yet. Thanks for asking about it

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      2. I’ll surely check out the blog and the few chapters out there! Thank you for sharing it with me! Also, I am guessing you have the blog for the book promotions? Is that right? If so pleassseee tell me how is it going. Is the work worth it?


  1. Loved the poem. Funny how people often don’t think just how ruling a kingdom could also be lonely. Those tall walls could feel like a prison keeping royalty in, instead of invaders out.

    On another note, I totally agree with you about the mansion thing. I always thought if I was rich someday, I would just find a plot of land, probably far away from people, and build a small house. One that is comfortable, but def not a mansion.

    Too me, a mansion can house way too many things. There is the lonely feeling if you have no one, but also that means another soul could be lurking and hiding in so many places to either live off of you secretly, or murder you, or steal constantly, or just psychologically torture you!

    I digress, that isn’t including the idea of if it is haunted.

    So yes, I fully agree with you on the mansion thing…for the reasons stated above as well as many others.

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    1. Wow you managed to get me to hate mansion more ! Or maybe fear them? Well yes! People don’t realise how lonely it gets inside. It would be so suffocating! Imagine just being trapped in a single place. Gosh. Well I am glad I found someone with the same choices! Thank you so much for your time dude!

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      1. No worries. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was lost in a live stream I was listening to on YouTube. When it ended I was like oh snap! My e-mail and WordPress was showing notifications.

        So apologies if I took so long to get back. Yeah, mansions are creepy. Some things that freak me out more are Clowns (I know, cliche but there is something very unnatural about them) and Ice Cream trucks. Every time I hear that jingle I just get these horrible thoughts. It creeps me out. There are other things but those are some since we are on the subject of fears or even strange phobias.

        I’m always happy to say hello and love meeting other writers, poets, content creators etc. So yeah, I will read some more of your work and likely comment in some fashion in the future.

        Thanks for commenting back and for commenting on my blog. I will moderate that shortly.

        Cheers! ^_^


    1. Hey, Well honestly, I am pretty much a beginner too. I guess I everything inspires me, People, places. If something catches my attention I write about it. This poem particularly, was written when I wasn’t aware that I could write. It is One of the first poems I ever wrote. And about the beginner thing, I’ve figured out that if you can just get yourself to write everyday it kind of becomes easier. Even the inspiration part. Just mail me and we can talk 🙂

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  2. No matter how big is house ,you need 6 feet space to sleep and a chair to sit ,doesn’t make any difference if bed or chair is for million pounds as contentment will not come from outside its inner thing ,have one room but keep it tidy and cosy

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  3. I’ve lived in big houses with extended relatives, but sad to say it was the worse experience in my life. Too many people with different personalities often ending up in quarrels, fights, misunderstandings, and favoritism. But after they were all gone and I’ve had the chance to live on my own it is kind of lonely but peaceful none the less. Hmm maybe its just me that I prefer living in big places with less people. I don’t have servants either because I like doing things on my own. But I do wish a small cozy house with a nice family would do for me. peace.

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    1. Yeah joint families…I can imagine. Maybe too many people in a house isn’t good either. You the balance is what I am talking about. It’ll be like living in big boss or big brother with so many quarrels. Which no one needs tbh. For me personally though small cozy houses alone or with a friend would be it! Or a big one with a decent amount of people. Sorry for the late reply! Thanks! Cheers 😀

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