Riding Love

Hey! Here is my First post for “The first sighting of love” In the Topic Thingy! Enjoy 😉
Riding Love edit


There were hundreds of times
She fell from her bike before she actually learnt how to ride it
The scars on her little knees were the proof
Of her pain
but whenever she fell,
She cried a bit,
But got right up and tried again
She did give her scars time to heal
But made sure she rode again
but Falling never scared her from riding the bike again
Cause the air in the hair ,
The thrill in her pit
the freedom of her heart
the happiness, was all too addicting
Then what went wrong when she fell in love
Why was she so afraid to get up and ride on it again even though it was her first fall?
She should know Injuries is what will make her stronger.
After all she was learning to ride love this time.
It takes a few mistakes,
For us all.

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