Please Don’t Go there. ( Poetry for the heartbroken)

Don’t Go There….

Don’t go in that house of your memories 

There is nothing new to be found
Just weaknesses that your heart had shed
Lying all over the ground

Don’t go over there 
Those pieces are like shards of glasses

And you won’t even scream as

They will make you bleed

Don’t go there because

you will keep going further

to search him in the mysterious darkness

We all know he isn’t there

Don’t go there because

it is over long back, honey

You’ll just be haunted  by memories in there

There is nothing but loneliness

that fills the air in that house

Don’t go there because

He won’t be waiting for you

With an apology on his mouth 

and lilies to cry out loud

Don’t go there because

I don’t know if your heart can take it anymore

That house will rip off the bandages in a flash

And your heart will bruise itself all over again

But most importantly

Don’t go there because

I don’t know if you will come back this time

Just a little piece for you all 😉 You know that time when you have worked hard for something and you are expecting a result out of it but somehow it just doesn’t happen the way you want it to. Apparently your work in it wasn’t enough and I am sorry about that but that is the truth right? The truth about so many unfulfilled dreams, of so many missed shots. We aren’t alone, Thankfully!

I just want to say the best ones  have been there too. With no hopes and a million dreams. They still do. They still fight for it every single day. That is what we need to do. Because I personally don’t think  a dream made of passion is to reach somewhere. Yes, cross the race line, meet your goals- make millions- be the best seller but then what?  I think a real dream is where you can just keep pushing ahead with a little more ease. You know?

Haha I know it isn’t related to the poem but I had to share it with you all!  So what did you think about the poem? Let me know down below! (Yup I am practicing to sound like a Youtuber now !) AlSO! I removed the email ID sign up for comment thing. Thank you Ninja Charlie for the heads up! 

So here is your last work on heartbreaks for May! If you can write on the topic heart break- you can get featured here!

Woohoo! GO and start writing! 

Thank you guys!

See you on Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Go there. ( Poetry for the heartbroken)

  1. Wow! a really nice poem. Did you say “Heart break”? I have all kinds (almost) on my site…. Just not sure how to get them to you?!
    KashafS- The word Warrior ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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