Please Don’t Go there. ( Poetry for the heartbroken)

Don’t Go There….

Don’t go in that house of your memories 

There is nothing new to be found
Just weaknesses that your heart had shed
Lying all over the ground

Don’t go over there 
Those pieces are like shards of glasses

And you won’t even scream as

They will make you bleed

Don’t go there because

you will keep going further

to search him in the mysterious darkness

We all know he isn’t there

Don’t go there because

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Not Ruining another Day.

 Not ruining another day

Suddenly its been a while since they left. You are finally learning how to live without them. It has been a while since you accepted they wont return. You know because you waited. You waited for too long. 

Then one day suddenly you randomly hear their name on the street.  By the most whisper by two giggling girl. You hear their name and your world stops still.  Your heart starts racing and your mind goes blank and everything runs back to your head. The memories, the tingles, the loneliness it all comes back again. Your eyes start tearing up and your grip on the coffee mug loosens. You bite your lip , yell at yourself to get on with it. But you just cannot. Not anymore. A lone tear makes its escape down your cheeks against your will. Just a name is all it takes.

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What completing 17 years of life taught me

It was two weeks until my seventeenth birthday and I was freaking out.  I don’t like birthdays. Not because I had a sad story behind it or cause something tragic happened on that day. But simply because at one point I used to love Birthdays too much.

Then as “adulthood” rolled in and everyone started expecting you to act and think like an adult, my birthdays ended up being little dinners with family. I can be honest, I HATED IT. I was a sixteen year old and wanted to sneak in a club, have a house party or at least have a sleep over somewhere. Not because I didn’t love the dinner but because I was always expecting more. Sweet sixteen was always supposed to be a huge thing, I expected to have a grand surprise party, or my friends turning up at my house at midnight. What I did not expect, as a fifteen year old who was turning sixteen, was everyone going to sleep at 11 pm on my birthday night cause everyone had work in five hours.

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