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Sorry but I rarely take Guest Bloggers but if you think you have a piece that belongs here? Then send a pitch on my mail and we can talk it out there.

Also yes, I do freelancing. You can mail me about your requirements and we can work it out. I do require a contract to be made.

So My email ID is…. DUN DUN DUN

Insta is Being1nsane (with the same smartass fox ) xD

Do like us on the facebook page too – Facebook.

Here is my Twitter , Google+ (Need to get active there) and Medium. 

Follow me there to never miss out!

You guys can hit me up anytime! Have an idea? Or something you just want to say? Don’t be shy!

Till later then! See you all loves!


32 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Hey! I really liked your are you really naked post. I totally agree with it. But it is a difficult thing to do…open up to anyone. Sure! I do alot of collabs on insta..I d love to do one with you!


  1. You and could do a fighting collaboration. I find positive and you negative. I also wanted to leave a comment and it is not enable. We could have fun and I sent you a unique award.

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    1. Oh yes totally! Let’s do it! What its not allowing you to comment on the new post? That’s weird. Oh shit yeah! I forgot about all the awards I got omg. Thank you so much for reminding me!!

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      1. Well we could start with a kayfabe of sorts and let people know we are not fighting or do so at the end. We can pick at each other with posts that are short and do comments and then come out as a work we did. I think it would be unique.:)

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      2. Well not necessarily the game but how they make up a story line and they keep to it unless something horrible happens and they break character.


      3. I think having giving it a minute, we can do pro and cons movies, then, I like what recent post and you, then how could you say that and anything? Then how we spent a holiday and can come up with an agreement. I went pro Ronda Rousey and you could go anti and we can set it up and I think people will watch. Then we come out and say we were kidding and are friends. We can throw it as well as with poems and love. It would be quite different

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      4. Well we can do it with just us two. I do have someone that liked the idea but I have not heard from her since midday yesterday. We can pick a fight in posts and be creative. I liked the idea of a third person as that would be crazy and I doubt anyone ever thought to attempt this.:)

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      5. Well between us we probably have a good 300 or close and I normally get 60-90 people viewing daily. So, it would be interesting. I have tried other things and they went over well.:)


      6. OK I am going to start it without using a name. I will flow out a little and you come over the top of me and so on. Take your time:)

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      7. OK I started…She seems to be all that, OK yes she is but I am perhaps being a hater or what those people say. She is upsetting me and I never expected that from her. Left it subliminal


      8. OK I have started it. I have another friend willing to have fun. You can play the role you wish and I literally have a post waiting to be sent. We can spell a story as long as we wish. I have never seen anyone do this:)

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