You Fought Demons

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I am so so over whelmed! I am the girl who break danced at 10 follows too…so five hundred is really a huge number for me. Thank you thank you so much for all the support and inspiration you guys give me everyday! I just started this journey three-four months back and I honestly never thought anyone would read my work. Hey!! Here we are! All thanks to you all!

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Also..this write up is a little different than my usual writings but I honestly like it. So hope you enjoy it! Oh don’t forget to tell me what you think of it. I’ll be waiting down for your feedback xD.

Hope it leaves a thought or two with you!

Demons edit

What if, as a kid, you battled demons? You fought to not let them inside. You knew for sure, they weren’t good.  But as you grew up you saw everyone had accepted some demons inside them. And you were starting to stand out. The demons people swallowed had an impact on them. Those demons helped them, those demons made their lives miraculously better.. Now, you were innocent and didn’t understand this world. You still don’t. So you thought all those who let a few demons in were happier. So you swallowed a little bit of them. To taste and see how they impact you. But more and More wanted to slip into your mouth, more than you wanted to allow, so you fought them. They fought hard but you won.

Even with the swallowed demons, you weren’t happy. Their impact wasn’t good. You started taking revenges over old prejudices, you made the weak suffer even if it was a little, you were a bit feared now. Yet none of it feel like it was supposed to.  It didn’t feel like you. So you silenced the demons and apologized for their behavior. Though others kept swallowing big doses of them again and again. The more they took in, the happier they seemed to be.

Later as you grew up you could see how those demons were chewing on the insides of people. You could see how hollow those people had become. How much pain they went through and how unstable they still are, almost like they were about to fall. That is when you understood you took the right decision as a kid.

But what happens to those with demons living off them now? What happens now that they were dark and hollow? How do they go through a living being empty? By emptying the people who are whole of course.

It is very rare to see someone being able to vomit out all the demons they swallowed through out their life. Through out life? Yes. We all have the option to swallow them through out our lives. We see others swallowing a bit harshness and having a better life. We see others swallowing a bit of greed and earning more cash. We see others swallowing a bit more selfishness and having things their way. We see it everywhere. What we don’t see is how alone the selfish dude ends up, how bitter the one who swallowed harshness becomes, how poor the greedy man really is. We read it in fables and fairy tales. Yet we swallow some demons along the way like a dish. Hoping for some miracles. It’s a test though honey. Why cheat when it is only for your own good?  I say stay clean. It might be a more difficult road ahead but it will be easier along the way. Believe in your maker. And fight those demons. It is rare to see people vomit demons, not impossible.

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42 thoughts on “You Fought Demons

  1. Congratulations on your 500 followers, I like this post for it made me really think about the demons we have let into our life. And how hard one fights to do what’s right when we don’t want those demons controlling parts of our life anymore. So thanks for sharing I really enjoyed this.

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    1. Hey! Thank you so much! Yes it was all about that. And how much those demons even fight to be let in. Make you bitter and cold. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my work! Really appreciate it !

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  2. hey congratulations for 500+. n honestly it was my story too. so happy to find sth i could exactly relate. yeah demons r alwz excited about wrong stuffs that we eat they grow out of it. n if they dont find food then we become their food. like u said either popping in some good pills will vomit it out. or maybe a certain fireful energy could burn it down. 🙂

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    1. Hey! I love it when someone can relate to my work ! Yes they are and a lot of times you realise too late. Hahaha popping pills, if only it was that easy xD A fireful energy certainly burn them out. Just takes a little effort in that direction. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Really appreciate it!

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  3. Firstly, congratulations on the 500+ follows.. Goes on to show people enjoy what you write :). Also, good post.. Demons inside us are more destructive than the ones outside, no one is a saint though I do agree that it is quite possible to control those demons we have in us. But, it is important we make the effort in channeling our energies to do so. Your post is definitely going to inspire a lot of people to try. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Thank you for reading it! And yes I agree demons inside us are more destructive than any other. It does take quiet the effort to but if someone has enough faith and strength of can happen. I think most of the people have fought them. I hoped if would inspire people! Thank you so much!

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