She DOESN’T Need to be Told.

She doesnt need to be told edit

She indeed was different. She didn’t have sparkle in those eyes but red hot fire that could burn you alive. And now as I stand here alone, I realize she didn’t need anyone to tell her anything. Her little diary filled with lines and her phone filled with screenshots dint need to tell her to be bright either.

She didn’t need you to tell her to fight cause she will end up doing that but when she feels like it.

She didn’t need to be told that you are there for her or that you love her. If you did. She would know.

Even now, when she has lost herself and all you see is the mess of a broken soul, She doesn’t need you to tell her to hold on for a bit more because she will any way.Even if she loses hope for a bit she will find it again. She knows that. She doesn’t need to be told how strong, beautiful, amazing or any other bullshit you say she is because she already knows.

Even When she will be chained down on the ground growling in the dust, you don’t have to worry about her because She will look around at the dirt and know she is not meant to be there.

That she has to reach the top. And she knows that is when she will get up like the monster with just one goal in her mind.  To get out of there and be where her heart is happy.  She will get up with just one goal, to snatch what is meant for her even if it doesn’t look like it does right then. With just one goal. To be the owner of the crown . And all her competitors will be nothing but a blur, for you will have a clear view of her climb.

Guess harder the fall, mightier is the rise.

So don’t you worry about her. Don’t tell her to be strong or to look at the light. Because she doesn’t need any of that shit. She needs to go down so she can be higher than she ever was. And trust me she will. She will get what she wants.

Haven’t you seen the hunger burning so bright in her that it lit the dull dark room up? She will fight when she wants to.

 Don’t tell her that the sun shines therefore she should too because she is the daughter of the moon and only knows how to shine in the darkest of the nights.

So don’t tell her what to do because She will just ignore you.

Hola! Here is my first post for TTT – to inspire for January. So what do you all think? Pretty badass girl there huh? xD

Oh! And I am on Insta now, will be uploading some qoutes there in a month.

It is – being1nsane

With my foxy! Do follow me there ! You wouldn’t wanna miss out on them!

By the way….Can I ask you something?

 What is Your inspiration to live everyday huh? What makes you get out of that bed and take on the day? I would really want to know!

Until Friday then!

Thank you!

42 thoughts on “She DOESN’T Need to be Told.

  1. Reblogged this on J. Ashley Cosby and commented:
    Because she is meant to rise and will do so at just the right time.
    Because she doesn’t need words to tell her what she feels is the truth on the inside.
    Because even her failures mean something good is happening.
    and because I couldn’t write it myself, someone wrote it [brilliantly] for me.

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  2. That question you asked in the end-what makes me get out of bed and take on the world everyday, I’m gonna answer that in a TTT post I intend on penning this week!

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