You wanted me to be grey but I wrote you a poem

You wanted me to be grey.

– Being1nsane

You say that I caught your eye
cause I was the one running and shining
while the others were too slow
Too mediocre
They all seemed grey
And I was colour
They all were simple
And I was mysterious
You told me you fell in love with me
Because I was so much more
So much more than usual
Then when did my mysteriousness
become my complexity?
Why did my speed become
too much when you couldn’t catch up?
When did my colour become too bright for you?
 you want me to stand still for you.
You want me to be easy for a second
You want me to be mediocre for a second
So it is easier for you to love me
It always starts with a second
Then a second more
Then you’ll ask me
Why can’t I just be grey forever?
Why do I have to be vibrant and in your eyes?
You’ll ask me that,
 not because I am too much
But because you know, you are too less
You’ll ask me this so you don’t have to make too much effort
You want me to not grow cause you cannot keep up
You want me to not run because you cannot catch your breath
But you won’t ever say that
No, not to my face
You don’t want to deal with the guilt now, do you?
But honey, this has always been me
You want me to dull out
Just for a ‘little bit’ you say
But don’t you see?
 I am made of colour
I won’t ever stop running and I won’t ever be grey
So you can find some other mediocre person
And be grey
Cause I am running and I will keep running
For a lover that isn’t as lazy as you.
Here is a poem from a girl calling out your bullshit and asking how. Here is to The lover that is too less from the girl that is too much.
The next time someone says you’re too much” or tries to dull your shine simply send this poem to them.
So who are you sending it to? : O xD

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