Actually, I allowed you to hurt me- A hard hitting poem

We allow people to hurt us. We have a choice to stop it but for whatever shitty reason we don’t stop it.
We have the power, option or choice to fight back, to stop it yet sometimes we just allow it to happen.
And this poem is dedicated to each and every person that, like me, allows people to hurt them. And I am here, to tell you to recognise your power and stop it.
You deserve better.
Hope you like this poem! Comment below what you think of it! 😉

The truth is I allowed you to hurt me
Not just you
I allowed everyone to put me down
I allowed people to control me
In the name of love
I allowed people to make me cry tears
behind closed door
You know,
so that they don’t feel bad for harming me
I allowed this
Because somewhere down below
Under the sheet of bravery and strength
I thought I deserved it
I believed I deserved to be in pain
I thought I deserved to cry 
But I didn’t.

I never did.
But it’s okay,
Now I know
Now I know that
I deserved so much more
I allowed you to hurt me. Poetry, poem
I have tasted the mud on the ground
So I am ready to fly above the sky
And the fact that I know
I won’t ever allow you or them
to hurt me again
Takes away your power over me
And helps me sleep well at night.

41 thoughts on “Actually, I allowed you to hurt me- A hard hitting poem

  1. Having been the giver of such hidden tears, and facing it after many years, this poem bites deep. Imagining my wife weeping inside behind the walls she built so I could no longer hurt her…Since my apologies fall
    On deaf ears to her, let me say I’m sorry for your pain, and hopefully no longer sleeps, as I do not, regret eating away from within.


  2. Really loved this poem !! Yes i too allowed someone to hurt me but the thing is i never realized that i was being hurt … i mean that i was afraid of losing that person so i told myself that whatever he is doing should make me happy and that i should never cry even though it hurts so much . Your poem evoked true memories. Your an extremely talented writer . Glad to have met you !!

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    1. Yes! That was a part of my experience too. Its nice that I was able to make you relate to a memory through it. Thank you so much for telling me that. And thank you for finding my tiny writing place! 💖 Have a great day!


  3. “Cherubs must build walls to shield themselves from cupid’s arrows,” I once wrote. Your pain is all too real, a very visceral poem. Thank you for sharing!!


      1. I will. 🙂

        I just have to do a better job of making time to read others’ posts.


    1. Your comment just made my day. Nothing can be compared to a writer appreciating your work. Thank you so much. I am so very glad you liked it (and got shivers xD) Thank you so much!


  4. The part where you talk about crying in silence so we don’t make them feel like they are hurting us. It’s too deep.

    We protect people from realizing that they are hurting us. We don’t want to hurt them with our hurt so we die in silence. We protect them even though they won’t protect us.

    Really liked this beautiful piece

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    1. Someone picked it up! and you got the point of that line perfectly. Sometimes we dont even realise it but we try protecting others from knowing they hurt us. Humans are silly creatures huh.

      Thank you for reading it. I am really glad you liked it.

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  5. This is beautiful. Throughout my life, I’ve been hurt many times by strangers, friends, and even best friends. This poem captures the essence of my emotions during the ordeals and speaks to me in a way that I’m very surprised about.

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  6. I would nit have agreed with this a few years ago when i was younger.. but now i get it after doing much inner work i get how we can allow stuff , even manifest it,invite or it is a result of past karma.

    Great post

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  7. This has become common a issue in youth nowadays. May be, we should try flipping the coin and get in the shoes of others. May be, we a moment of introspection.
    May be……..
    There is a famous uncertainity principle. Metaphoric to that, you will never be able to get everything in life.

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    1. What I talk about here is the fact that sometimes we allow people to hurt us. Maybe it’s because we trust them or love them. Maybe we can’t get everything in life, true but we do have the power to…I believe I can get anything I want if I work for it. The only problem with us is the fact that we don’t want to struggle. Yet that doesn’t mean we should allow people to hurt us in the name of success. We have the power to stop that too.

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