The Reasons I Don’t believe in fairytales. (A relatable poem)

This is a short poem written from the point of view of a girl that is finally growing up and how understanding the cliche’s of the world aren’t actual realities. How loving yourself is alot more important than finding someone to love you.

I hope you enjoy it!


As a kid
I believed in fairytales
Where a prince would rescue me
And I would heal him
But reality struck hard
And no one came to save me
I got sick of playing the victim 
And got myself out of the tall palace
As a kid
I believed in fairytales
Where a prince would injure himself
And I would heal him
But reality struck hard
And I realised the prince isn’t the only one with scars,
That I cannot heal anything 
And He didnt want to always be healed
Much less he could never get rid of the scars
No matter what he took from me

As a kid
I believed in fairytales
Where love would always have a happy end
Where after a few blows
Things would be like a magical world
But reality struck hard
And I understood why couples fell apart
Blows, punches and knives
Are thrown again and again
at those that love
Each one aiming straight for the heart
As a kid I believed in fairytales
And sadly,
Now, I dont
Cause this push and pull game isn’t my only aim
I have places to reach
And things to achieve
A prince just drags me down
If ever, I want a king
Because reality did strike hard
And I realised
I simply cannot let
 love destroy 

What’s left of my heart

Do you still believe in fairytales?
Tell me why in the comments below, if you do. If you don’t let me know if you agree with me !
Love ya’ll,
See you on the 15th Oct with a brand new post!

12 thoughts on “The Reasons I Don’t believe in fairytales. (A relatable poem)

  1. It seems that you think that the wounds from love diminished your heart, so then do you not be loving anymore and wall your heart defensively from anymore life? Here’s a poem by D.H. Lawrence that might apply, I don’t know.

    Searching for Love

    Those that go searching for love only
    make manifest their own lovelessness, and
    the loveless never find love, only the
    loving find love, and they never have to
    seek for it.

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  2. I think Fairytales could be a very good scientific brain structure in which to lead people down to discover new technologies. So instead of getting people lost in a fairytale land with princes and unicorns, it is a realistic land that varies in numerous predetermined ways in order to trigger new ideas and thoughts, which is exactly what day dreaming and imagining does. You just never tried to find a use for the very complicated brain structure required to create entire other worlds at a whim in your head.

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  3. I want to believe. I want to be my wife’s Prince Charming, but I feel more like her King of Shit. It’s amazing, I was just thinking about being a Prince Charming when I got the notification of this posting. It’s hard to keep up hope when your soul wants to despair, but I think that’s where the ending of the story is decided, does the hero stand through the tide, or allow himself to be swept away when confronted with the powerful push and pull game working against him?

    Beautiful poem, it’s definitely relatable, eloquent and illustrative. I enjoy your work!



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  4. I agree with the girl when she says that she doesn’t believe in fairy tales. I believed in the same fairy tale that she did, but that turned out to be false. We need to grow up some day!

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