A little hope, A little life

Holaa! Merry Christmas guys! This was my first poem i published publishing out to the world. It just goes with the TTT and I like it soo…Hope you like it!!

A little hope in a little life
A little tug and a huge smile
A little love travels a long road
Its Our story
Its Our fights
Long nights seem so little in time
Beautiful kisses and unshameful snides
So many hurdles so many pins
But our bubble stay s the same
Covers us over our heads
Pushing us together again and again
To save the bubble we fight
For the little escape we get from life
For the smiles laughs and happiness we get
Just by getting you there
A little love goes a long road
A little tug gets a huge smile
Love gets a little hope in our little lives 🙂

Being 1sane 😉

36 thoughts on “A little hope, A little life

  1. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I love your work! I’ve joined your insta account and look forward to seeing more of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks!


      1. I was looking through my follower list after seeing your post in my reader and you were gone. I did not know if you knew that. I thought I was going a little too fast but went through them again and you aren’t there.

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      2. I am not? But i was there right? Just went and followed back must have gotten pressed or must be a glich idk i was wondering where are pal’s reblogs? Lol I did not know that thats weird .

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      3. I have been ill and getting a little better. Than yesterday I was really off. I do not feel much better today. Unfortunately I have a long ride later that I have to go to. I am not looking forward to it.

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