You Need to Stop and Check These 11 Amazing Writers for Free

I had this post ready to be sent after one last edit on my birthday, however, my laptop decided it needed a retreat and broke down. That’s great too I got a new laptop!
Anyways, No excuses but yes, that happened. My apologies.
But can we pretend it’s my birthday?
I’ll be waiting for your wishes hahaha

So As promised today’s post is reallyyy special!
You may ask why? Well, cause it’s my birthday.
Nah just kidding .
It’s a lot more than that.
I decided it’s time to reflect on things and to thank the people that have made me believe in the power of words. The one’s who’s words touched me and the one’s that I think write from the soul.
Somewhat like last year’s lessons in action.  I am going be a lot more grateful this year…well try to. So my poor, half completed “The Secret – Magic ” book doesn’t keep glaring at me. (Amazing book by the way).
Also, cause this year this blog played such a huge role in my life I wanted to start from here.
Before this year I was just another reader who would wonder and gape at people’s words. Honestly, I still do but now I write too.
And come to think of it, your birthday is actually like your own new year.
We all know you stepped in here like a badass on your birthday not on 31 st DECEMBER! …Unless that is your birthday.
I want to start my new year by thanking everyone who has inspired me to actually start something I LOVE. This blog.
Here goes an awesome list of all those writers let loose on the internet who’s words have actually helped me so so much and the one’s I feel..that write from the soul. And I really started out to be like them. It’s weird how today I can thank them ! 
Well..You can call them my role models, you can call them my inspirations or you call them what they are…Beautiful souls. You guys can go check them out I linked each one up. Sadly enough no one paid me to talk about them xD But seriously…Trust me you won’t regret reading them 😉
This list includes people that I loved online, they may have books of their own but they are on this list for their writings on the internet. It can be anywhere- Instagram, Medium, Tumblr, Facebook , Whatever.
Let’s get  into it!!!
Nikita Gill
Nitika Gill

What do I say about this lady? Her words…Her thoughts…Her soul, all of it is so beautiful that you can see it through her words. I just want to say a huge thank you to her (And give her a huge hug! ). Her words have the power to heal. For real. I am just so thankful for her words everywhere…Tumblr , insta , thought catalog and She even has a book, which I am desperate to buy. It’s the effect her words have on you. Pure beauty.

2) R.M Drake. Author – Miami – Stay Beautiful
R.M Drake
This guy is someone who has been my favourite online writer since even before I started writing myself. It’s the truth and darkness in his words that leaves this effect on you.  I guess it’s because you can simply relate to his words so much. I’ve honestly read him at my darkest times. Thank you so much. Oh and I ‘ll get my hands on one  of his books pretty soon 😉 *fingers crossed*
Live in the Details's profile photo
Live in the Details
Found from insta hopped till facebook. Always a treat to read and always on the top posts of instagram. Beautiful soulful words and lovely writing. What else do we need!
Bianca Sparacino
Honest, Brutal and Loving. Her words come with force and blow you away. I found her quiet recently but gosh she swept me away. Thank you for the words I have read and more to come!
Neil Gaiman
Oh, I know he is basically a published author and a famous one at that. He also has a TV show coming up based on his book but unlike most authors, he is pretty active in the digital world too! He answers weird ass questions and shares short pieces of gold on Tumblr. I just love his advice and want to thank him for his beautiful words!
He writes about personal development but not so normally. I’ve read a lot of articles on self-development online and most of them get me bored and I leave them half way. I blame it on distractions. However this guy! I did not feel like it was some other personal development blog. True to his tagline. “Personal development articles that don’t suck”. Thank you!
7) Veronica Roth
Veronica Roth
Yass chikas! This is our dear divergent writer. But she ain’t here for that. She’s here cause she also has this amazing blog that she writes on. Beautiful poetry and lovely divergent FAQ s.
Kel Campbell
Kel Capwell
Rawness. Rawness is what she writes with. They aren’t superficial and they don’t have any kind of pretty gown draped around them. From her smart titles to her stories. I always enjoy reading her work and am glad to be able to do that.
Thomas Oppong
Thomas Oppong
I want to thank this amazing writer / editor.  I first found him on medium and then realized he s on thought catalog too! Oh, my. Great words and great work!

What do I say about him? His words hit deep and always leave a mark. He has beautiful artwork and in all its an absolute pleasure to read him. Preach his words! They spell out TRUTH for you.
Es Poet
Pinterest. Insta , facebook? Where ever you are I am pretty sure one or more of his quotes have reached you before. Blunt, Spectacular and just breathtaking words. I have so many screenshots saved of his words and they help me when I need them. I think that’s how real writing should be like.
Apart from them, i NEED to confess something. I think I have a sort of obsession of sorts and an itty bitty crush on this guy’s writing. He isn’t just another marketing “guru” or the kind that’ll get me bored. I KNOW it has nothing to do with my blog except the fact that I am his target audience but oh my this guy has helped me so much. The guy’s blog has made me learn and grow and do some stuff here. He isn’t like the bloggers up there but more like the guy who helps us. It’s one of the most famous one and the one that recently changed his entire website. From boost blog traffic to…smart blogger xD Yes Yes Yes You all know who it is. Joonn Morroowwww (Wrestlemania style). Just thank you for so much.
I really suggest all you new bloggers to check him out

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Thank you! Have good week! Meet you next friday!

Pss I am trying to fix things up and go all professional!

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14 thoughts on “You Need to Stop and Check These 11 Amazing Writers for Free

    1. Funny thing is, before this post i felt like I was losing my voice and my thoughts out here…with too many eyes on me. So i took a huge break. Really think being honest is the only thing that does set me apart. Thank you so much for appreciating it. It gets tough some times.


  1. Thank you for stopping by, and it’s awesome you’re giving so much exposure to other writers with a tip of your hat!

    Blessings to you and happy-belated birthday 🙂

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