Destroy me

Destroy me edited

And I know he’ll destroy me,

 Leave me completely shattered,

Broken and hurt

And would make my walls stronger for the next person who’d try breaking through

And maybe strong enough to make everyone give up trying to get through

Maybe that is his plan

To never let anyone stand where he does

To label my heart his

To label me his

And I always knew he’d destroy me

But he said I destroy him and build him up every day

The way he looks at me

The way he is

I would let him destroy me again and again

Cause it’ll always be worth it

So come honey,

Destroy me

Being 1sane 😉

To be honest I did not expect the picture to look this stunning! I am in love with it seriously!

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30 thoughts on “Destroy me

  1. The empowering truth is that women have a lot more destroying power than men. The seemingly non feeling men avoid getting caught but they do eventually and it is epic. But the normal guy that treats women properly but she does not in return is far more able to destroy someone.

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    1. To be honest I think both are equally destructible. I agree women can pretend it does not matter better but it is just as bad if not worse. And talking about a person not loving you right or not falling like you did it is equally destructible whether you are a male or female. Cause even though we have diff kind of bodies…the heart Is the same.

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      1. True but men have always been easy to hold back and women more recently have been. But when a guy lets his guard down, which is less frequent despite changes over the years, they get hurt bad. Not that women do not but they do so earlier and a few times then never let it happen again. Men might get hurt early once and then never let it happen again. The fall is equally bad for both but most men are a lot better at hiding it from even their closest friends.The heart is the same and it’s funny as when a woman acts cold she is called names for not actually like a woman should be and that she has no heart, when a guy does it he’s just a player. Now women get called players too but it is at a lower rate I would say.


      2. It depends how much you are hurt I guess…but yes women do have more healing power but for men too it takes the right type of lady to open him up! And who doesn’t like bad boys xD


    1. Hahaha thank you! And fortunately or unfortunately nope they aren’t. I know a lot of writers scared to accept that but everything I write isn’t from experience like 80% work is from me imagining myself in someone’s place

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