50 Things I Learnt by the Age of 20 and You Should Too

Things I learnt by the Age of 20 and You Should too!

In our busy lives, we can often forget or fail to recognise the lessons we’ve learnt. To not do that I’ve decided to create a list of my learnings every year. So you and I can both share and learn together.

I do this so that I don’t forget them and hopefully help you ponder over some lessons that I’ve learnt.

These are the lessons that I don’t want to forget I’ve learnt.

These are the lessons that I don’t want to forget I’ve learnt.

I turned 21 this year (Yes! I have no clue how either.) However, 20 was an age where I honestly didn’t have time to breathe or grasp onto reality. I was always pushing for more, I was always climbing higher or failing miserably. So I didn’t have to face the demons that were following me.

I neatly packed them in my bag and kept carrying them around. The bag is getting heavy though and the road ahead is steep. It’s time to face the things I’ve hidden from.

This running taught me a lot, though. I hope you read through this list and ponder over them. I hope you don’t make the same mistakes I did, if you do I hope you find some comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone.

Without further ado, Here are the 50 things I learnt at the age of 20 –

  1. I learnt that no matter how big a goal is, if I can take the first step towards it (no matter how small), the possibility of achieving it increases.
  2. I don’t want to live an unsatisfied life and I learnt that it is my responsibility to not let myself do that.
  3. I learnt to try being vulnerable (Still am trying)
  4. I learnt to not make decisions because I am lonely.
  5. I learnt that I need to write for myself before writing for others. To give myself some space to write badly.
  6. I learnt that people can’t help you if I don’t let them.
  7. I learnt that sometimes even if people want to, they cannot help you. It is your battle after all.
  8. I learnt that sometimes things don’t make sense. There’s no reason for them to turn out to be the way they do.
  9. I learnt that having people who check up on you makes you want to help yourself.
  10. I learnt that if you go ahead and make an effort to talk to people, 8/10 times they’ll be happy to talk to you.
  11. I learnt that you need to reach out to people. It is a lonely world.
  12. I learnt that shutting down when a tragedy hits doesn’t work for a long time.
  13. I learnt that I needed help.
  14. I learnt to get help.
  15. I learnt that I don’t have to do everything on my own, that the weight of the world doesn’t have to be on my shoulders.
  16. I learnt that a new chapter of life cannot be played by the character that crossed the last chapter i.e I learnt that I can change as a person.
  17. I learnt that I need to remain soft.
  18. I learnt to face my worst nightmare becoming a reality.
  19. I learnt that I am brave.
  20. I learnt to be softer to myself.
  21. I learnt to meditate.
  22. I learnt to jump into the unknown, that it is okay to. That sometimes, it is necessary to.
  23. I learnt that changing because you’ve suffered isn’t a bad thing.
  24. I learnt to not let pain become my identity.
  25. I learnt that for you to stop fearing things, you need to face them.
  26. I learnt that grief demands time and you should give it some.
  27. I learnt that you should be present in the moments you spend with people, they go away quickly.
  28. I learnt that life is unpredictable in the best and the worst way possible. I learnt that it is both freeing and trapping.
  29. I learnt that the tomorrow I am so worried/ excited/ sad or happy about is going to pass.
  30. I learnt that breaking down isn’t a bad thing.
  31. I learnt that people deserve to feel safe in their skin. I do too.
  32. I learnt that I can handle more than I know.
  33. I learnt that you should tell people that they hurt you. It is freeing.
  34. I learnt that just because I can handle it doesn’t mean I have to.
  35. I learnt to accept that I can be weak, I learnt to stare at my limitations and not hide.
  36. I learnt to find meaning in my pain. I learnt to use it to make myself whoever I wanted to be.
  37. I learnt that sometimes there is no answer to a why.
  38. I learnt to stop questioning my emotions and start embracing them.
  39. I learnt that humans are infinite, that we have too many possibilities and are limitless.
  40. I learnt that in the depth of darkness, there is light.
  41. I learnt to not let time control me, instead to control it. I learnt to put time on a leash.
  42. I learnt that no one really has answers about you.
  43. I learnt that you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a break. That’s coming from the capitalism you’ve internalised.
  44. I learnt that you only know what you learnt from a difficult time after you heal from that difficult time.
  45. I learnt that rejecting jobs is tough and finding jobs is not easy.
  46. I tried placing my bets on writing, for the first time ever. I learnt to take chances on myself.
  47. I learnt that I am not a failure just because of a few setbacks. I’m just human.
  48. I learnt that opportunities can come at anytime from anywhere.
  49. I learnt to jump in and try the things I always wanted to do.
  50. I learnt that dreams do come true. Sometimes when you least expect them to. (No matter how cliche it sounds)

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So these are my lessons. What about yours?

What is the one major lesson you’ve learnt this year that you won’t ever forget?

Share it with us below so we all can learn too!

I’ll be waiting for your comments!

11 thoughts on “50 Things I Learnt by the Age of 20 and You Should Too

      1. It is actually very refreshing to sit down and ask yourself what you’ve learnt this year. One lesson after another just tumbles out. You should definitely give it a try I am sure you know more than you think. Hope you have a great day!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. That is true in some cases. I was actually talking about when you question tragedies, no matter the logical explanation that is given there just sometimes isn’t an answer and you need to make peace with that. One tough lesson.

      Thank you, Stevie! So glad you enjoyed it.

      Liked by 1 person

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