Losing him..slowly (A poem)

I started losing him slowly.
An inch here
A fight there
But I couldn’t run away
Like I always did
So I lost him slowly
A little every day
A little distance
Lot of Pain
I would’ve gladly run away
And taken the blame
Of a scared lover
But no matter how far
he was going from me
I couldn’t let him take the pain
He didn’t even know this was happening yet
He didn’t know about the distance
He didn’t feel it as well as I did
He couldn’t see it
Cause he was blinded by ignorance
But I did
I could feel it in my veins when I held his hand
And I felt it in my voice when we spoke
I felt it in the now cold embraces
Our time together was near an end
But I couldn’t run away
Therefore, I lost him slowly
A little every day
With a lot of pain

He figured it out 

like a child learns to crawl

Our hands didn’t fit together right

Our laughter didn’t solve our fights 

The one’s you love
Torture your soul
In the worst ways
Maybe now he’ll know
That I did try to stay.


I love the line “The ones you love, torture your soul in the worst ways”

Wrote this one several years ago, did not share it to protect someone’s feelings then. (Now, they probably don’t read here)

For when it is no body’s fault that a love is reaching a normal end. Sometimes when you are still in love and the other person is falling out, you can feel it in your bones. Whether it is in a friendship or love.

It’s slow torture for the one who knows. To all the people going through that, hold on, it will get better. You deserve better, even if you don’t want that right now.

What’s your favourite line from the poem? Comment below and let me know!

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