Losing him..slowly (A poem)

For when it is no body’s fault that a love is reaching a normal end. Sometimes when you are still in love and the other person is falling out, you can feel it in your bones. Whether it is in a friendship or love.

It’s slow torture for the one who knows. To all the people going through that, hold on, it will get better. You deserve better, even if you don’t want that right now. Continue reading Losing him..slowly (A poem)

To the Bestfriend, leaving to go abroad- Go get your dreams!

1 st September is Letter Writing Day, on the occasion,  I decided to write a letter to my best friend. I hope you all like the post and wish my bestfriend all the best on her journey!

Here We Go!


Dear Bestfriend,

It’s only two weeks before you leave. Change is coming up ahead, as you know, I’ve always hated change.

Just a few years ago Letters were the only source of communication between two people living far away.

Between you and I, I know that even if we were living in those times of isolation- We’d still make it through the distance without any issues.

I knew that you’ll be leaving soon enough but accepting that fact is a very different thing. What is one supposed to do without their bestfriend? How do you choose clothes for parties and who do you call when you are lonely. I’ll learn soon enough I guess, but then so will you.

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