What I Love About Her?

What I love about her edit

She asks what I love about her,
And I think of her wild brown hair that dances with her in her pokemon Pjs .

I think of her blush that starts from her neck and stains her whole face in a matter of seconds. I think of her wild smile that heightens my heart rate all the time. I think of the times she holds her head high. I think of the times  she annoys me out of my mind when I wonder if she is crazy but gosh I fall harder those times.

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I still remember that night. (Short Poem)

Man Looking Up At Stars

And I still remember that night

When the whole world had gone dark

Just little lights in little homes

Far far apart

I still remember how we had grabbed our tiny flashlights

And had flashed them on the lonely lifeless street

below our rusted black balcony

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Can These Spotlight Stealers Inspire You?

So I have a big good news and a bigg bad news for you. Read till the end to know it!

Holla!! I am backk, well kinda.

So yes its not Friday and this post is a little….(alot)…late….but so what! You guys still love me right? I always hated being one of those bloggers who din’t write posts on time but here I am. *hangs head in shame*.

Hey! You 1nsaniacs still love me though right? RIGHHTTT! Good. xD

So, The Topic Thingy

for January 2016 was….

“To Inspire”

To Inspire

Here are the four on point posts I wrote! Check them out!





I got soo many lovely comments on them! Thank you 1nsaniacs! I hope they inspired or touched you in some way or the other!


Time to Announce the Spotlight stealers of the Month!!

Now, so many of you all took up the challenge like a real sport!

The numbers of posts and the quality  of works just keep increasing! Thank You so much everyone!

So get ready now!

Get those fingers ready to click the links

Get those eyes ready to read some amazing inspiring works and

GET Ready for the spotlight steallers!!

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Giving up on Your dream? You need to read this!

Giving up on a dream edit

Scared? Nervous ? And uncertain? Yes, for sure.

Because you have this crazyyy idea stuck in your head and somewhere an unrealistic part of you is ever believing it can come true. Stupid stupid part. That part doesnt know what will happen if you fail right? I mean yeah its not going to be the one facing rejection. How about you forget about all that for a second now?

Now think of where you want to be, where you will be if you take up on that crazy idea in your head and work like a dog on it. Think of how you will be proud of yourself, think of the satisfaction, think of the success of your dream. Now see where you are right now. On the first step, with this dull ache in your heart because you are not where you just imagined to be, where you want to be. Why is that the case though? It is because you are doubting yourself right now. Just because you are telling that driving force in you to shut up.  But that force wasn’t made to quieten down.

It was made with the knowledge of your long term goal. For your motive of existence. Don’t tell it to shut up or want it to cool down because when you will look back at your stable life in an old house by the country and you will wish to have at least taken a shot. Just to see how it went. Just the crazy idea deserved a chance.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. –Wayne Gretzky

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