What is True Strength?

Strength edited

So today let me share with you a piece i wrote a while back when I felt i needed some bad ass advice! Hope it leaves a thought or two with you 😉 Oh and hope it inspires you too! As this is the second post of TTT for the month! Also I’ve started posting on Instagram. Oh my god I got so much feedback there in so little time! Truly grateful! Thank you for the support guys! If you haven’t checked it out- It’s – being1nsane. Over there. So go on 1nsaniacs! Check out a few quotes by me! Won’t disappoint for sure! And do tell me what you think of them then 😉 Lets connect over there? Anyways Here goes the write up! Enjoy!

Its so funny how all  of us have fears , pains and million thoughts in our heads.
Its beautiful how we just put a mask on. So we can smile for the world .

Its salute worthy how we just purr our worries aside and focus on something else, something new even if we don’t really care .

How its so painful yet simple to act “normal” when all we want is to scream out loud and cry.

How we just tell people we are tired so they can leave us alone because you know you cant pretend anymore. Even for their sake.

You think you are going to break any second And if you do  they ll think you are weak.
So you just push people away.

You push them away until you can get yourself together , till you can add some of that glue to stick yourself up.

To hold your head high and your back straight.

That’s not how it works though. Someone should’ve told you before.

The glue cant hold you up for long. Soon you need to break up and let it out.

Yes, Its going to hurt cause this operation cannot use anesthesia.
Operation of yourself. To take the virus out of your system.

Worse you need to do it yourself.
You cannot risk someone else doing it for you.
But it’ll keep  you in a better shape.
Sure it’ll take time to recover but you’ll feel better.
The truth is just the fact that you take the pain and ask nothing in return is beautiful.

How you smile for others , even with tears in your eyes (not cause of joy) is the true strength.
Don’t let anybody make you deny it.

Sure there is the outer beauty and outer strength the society sees . Just cause it is easier for them to look at .

Cause the outside is easier to see and judge? Are you saying you will change yourself just so you are easier to judge?
I don’t think it is worth it, or will ever be. You need to know that, you were never really made to be judged by the society. You were made for something so much bigger than someone’s opinion. Why would you lower your real beauty for them? Going through pain everyday and coming out of it makes you strong. Proves you are strong. To me that’s what matters. Its up to you what you think of your own self.

So tell me honey What do you think of yourself?

Picture credits – http://www.imgfave.com – Eva Minstorm

124 thoughts on “What is True Strength?

      1. Nope, I just wrote a poem while speaking with you and published it, it´s actually quite beautiful. What didn´t come out this afternoon came out right now, I can multitask! Maybe you inspired me……

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    1. Really? What was its name? Could you give me the link I really want to read it!
      And Well I am gonna use an already over used line…great minds think alike xD .
      Maybe we are! Who knows? Maybe the world needs to separate the truth from all the noise that’s so interesting to think of!

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  1. This poem reminded me of the song ‘what if we were real’ by Mandisa. we’re so much concerned with what the society thinks of us that we forget we owe ourselves the right to live to the brim. Pain exist in this life, even the society that is quick to judge is maimed. so why shy away from your real being to please the world that knows it has given you reasons to moan?

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    1. It is actually a writing piece. I ve never heard the song, guess you know where I am going after finishing this xD And yes we often forget how to live for ourselves to and that is when we are doomed. Shying away? Lol that’s putting it in a sweeter terms. And I agree with you only that the world even gives us reasons to smile and laugh its just what we see. Perception. Also maybe it’s more about ourselves more than the world.

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      1. Haha it will be the most hilarious post anyone has ever done.
        And you are so right, I feel awks if anyone is reading our chat. Not that we got anything to hide but a 2 on one conversation lol. What do you reckon we should do?

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      2. I am serious! We should do it! It’ll be fun! It feels like someone is stalking (Hey stalker!). Hmm I reckon do you have Facebook? Or wait! I’ll DM you this plan I found somewhere (been doing loads of reading lately). Check it out tho! Its pretty cool!

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  3. Nicely written Jade. Everyone is fighting their own demons. I am in the train to uni at the moment and observing people around me. I wonder what each person is going through. A girl in a sundress and sunnies seems to look out the window in deep pensive thoughts. I wonder what she is thinking about. Each person always displays a facade we know nothing about. Looking at me in a blue abaya and a denim jacket, I might smile at you warmly when you look at me but I have secrets that I artfully hide. I wish we could share and not get judged. I wish we could we could help each other. But until then we stay strong.

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    1. Soo true! Gosh you are like me! I do that the in the train all the time! This world would be so beautiful if we could just be us, you know. But it is a cold cold world out there that will probably rob you off yourself if you do. It takes a lot of courage to actually be yourself, kinda ironic!

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      1. Noooo wayy you too?? Haha always good to reflect on trains.
        You are right, it’s so ironic. They always say to be yourself, to be true to yourself but when you do they make fun of it, of your insecurities, your fear so you end up bottling your sad emotions in and only show the happy ones. Oh well. I just hope I become that type of person who can listen to people’s troubles and not judge them for it. Sometimes only being there to listen helps heaps.

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      2. Hahaha yes me too!! Its a good “Me ” time! The society does push us out so we can hurt ourselves more? I don’t even know who made most of things here? In India it is like 10 times worse though I am kinda that kind of person I hear soo many people out and try not judging (its human nature!) Or if I do I try understanding where they are coming from. Someone to listen to them is a huge relief trust me. I write it out most of the time myself though . Weird I know

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      3. I know yaar. Desi people are the worst judgemental types of people I swear.
        Writing really is therapeutic and no its not weird. Paper doesn’t betray by revealing your secrets. Unless you decide to publish it haha

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      4. Hahaha Desi people aren’t even shy about being judgemental you know! Like they’ll say stuff on your face and you’ll be in a daze. Like what am I even supposed to say to that? Oh over sharing is our career dude ! At least no one can use it against you 😉

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      5. Haha yeah desi people don’t come with filter eyy? It seriously does become awkward. So when I was little, I used to go to India for summer vacation and got real tan (how goras say, we say kaali ho gayi lol) This time we went back after like 5 years and this aunty straight up says in front of everyone “Hayyee Aaliyah!! Itni gori kaesi ho gayi? Choti thi toh rang itnaaaaaaa kam tha” (I don’t know if you speak Urdu/Hindi so I shall translate ( OMG Aaliyaah?? You became so fair? When you were little you were sooooo dark”. Talk about awkward lol.

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      6. Hahahahaha I know Hindi! and Urdu you can understand it if you know hindi! Omg yes! ! Hahaha yes we desi s really like our gori chitti girls. Idk why hahaI! Desi s ko Literally koi filter nahi Hota! so once I was forced to sit with the aunties and I was literally like you guys talk bout that? Like you know “XYZ kitni moti hogayi Hai! You think woh pregnant Hai? ” and I m looking at them like wtf? That lucky was just once with like sooo distant family! That I never saw them again xD Fortunately!! xD

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      7. Hahahha aunties I swear are such a funny lot. And you are right, if a girl gains weight after marriage, that’s what they think it means even if that girl has been snacking on pakoras only lol. My friend got pregnant and I was so excited I was telling my mum and this aunt is like “Haye haye Aaliyah hum log ke zamaane main log itna sharmaate the kisi ko bataate bhi nahi the. Apni ammi se bhi pregnant word nahi bolte the. Kahte the aap naani baningi. Aur aesa shor nahi machaate the etc etc.” This is the same aunty who would be pestering girls after marriage ki abhi tak koi khabar nahi, koi khush khabri toh sunaao, 2 saal hogaye abhi tak bachche nahi”

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      8. Haha when I was at school I used to walk 5 miles and look at you now. Get all things done for you. Well geez aunty, I am really sorry cars weren’t invented then. All jokes aside aunties do make life laughable. Writing this in case an aunty is reading this 😛

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      9. Hahaha yes! And how they weren’t allowed to touch phones and stuff and how we are getting to use them so freely! Like geez should i feel sorry? They did have a cool non techo times tho! Like everything slow and real I guess? Aunties are funny yup! (No offense!) They are even Soo cute sometimes hahaha. Seriously Desi aunties are a different creature all together!

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      10. OMG yesss you can see the jealousy bubbling over when they see us with our mobile phones lol.
        Lol yes they are a different creatures all together. I hope we don’t end up being the stereotypical aunties. Wouldn’t it be funny?

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      11. Hahaha literally! “Poora din phone par padi rahti Hai yeh!” Omg I wish not! That’d be really depressing! But as an aunty if someone is pregnant I d be pretty sad cause that means i am getting old! And I like thinking I’ll be the cool old aunty if I do become one xD

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      12. Awwww you are still a baby.Your blog posts make you sound mature and I thought you were older in a good way. Ikr? I just reconnected with my childhood friend and she is a housewife who got married two years ago!! Like she will be celebrating her anniversary this month and she got married at 20!!! I am scared to death about my impending marriage. How do these girls do it?

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      13. I am not small! Well maybe I am who cares! You thought I was more mature? Haha. That’s great! You know the feeling of reconnecting with old friends is just Soo good! Gosh that’s gotta be scary! I d prob run away ! I have no clue! How do they do it! Like some of them get married to boys they ve never even met before! That’s very scary! Another reason I don’t wanna grow up. I m cool here !

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    2. I don’t know why but I started reading these comments and suddenly after few of them I realised that it is mostly girls talk…lol

      Haha…girls do talk alike and in specific tone!

      Just saying,,,don’t mind please!

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      1. Calm down
        Calm down

        I can’t reply in same level of excitement like girls do!
        Last time I checked my testosterone levels were quite high than oestrogen(in case u don’t know what these are…feel free to ask), so I really can’t be on same level…

        But anyway… Umm.,,what else to say? Lol… What was I abt to write? I forgot,… Umm Hi again? Well that’s not a bad reply too right? Oh yeah…..

        So Hi again… Jade…and m again asking…is this ur real name?

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      2. I just saw this! And nope I dropped science I have no clue what those are ! (Embarrassed) . hahaha Hi again! Hahaha . And nope silly! Which indian girls name is jade? Its my pen name (feel free to ask what that is but I m sure you know anyways) haha . Kinda not comfy giving out identity 🙂

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      3. Well no I really don’t know what it really is!

        But well if you wanna be anonymous then I don’t mind. Every has her/his own way of expressing their views to the people.

        And well Testosterone and Oestrogen are basically hormones. Well it’s better if you google them…coz it’s slightly related to adult stuff…lol and this is a public place and last time I checked you were still not 18…haha..so chuck it anyway…

        And yeah… Hi again pseudonym Jade… How are ya? Long time no see! Busy with school?

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      4. Calm down with the sarcasm bruh! xD And yeah it kinda gives me freedom to write what I want and I am not willing to lose it! And I m asking you for the umpeet time you ve got Facebook for your blog? Or even normally?

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      5. Okay I did Google…the weird thing is…you are literally the only one out there! All your accounts are out there doesn’t it feel weird? Or are you kinda famousish? Or is it just the rarity of the name? I did see you have like slides and stuff on science and things…that’s cool! How did u end up in poetry after everything?

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      6. So your telling me you what’s pseudonym and not pen name? That’s cute xD Hey! Way to make me feel like a kid! Geez! I’ll Google them I am a curious soul when it comes to things like these. I just Hate being clueless bout anything basically lol I am good thank you and I am in college btw…schools done with. How’s it going for you? You be got a job?

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      7. You’re in college really?
        That nice…
        No I don’t have a job now… I am still in final year… Maths Hons(DU)…

        And well I was just sharing what I know…didn’t mean to hurt you in anyway… My apologies if you felt that way…sorry!

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Yup I am . I used to suck at maths so bad! How does it feel to be the minority of maths lovers? (Hoping you do love maths )

        Oh god no! Relax I was joking. Take the sorry back mister! *points gun!* yeah too much studying messed my head up xD

        Liked by 2 people

      9. Well sometimes I feel like I should’ve chosen Eng… But well… Jo beet Gaya uski Kya baat karni!

        And maths is fun…if you really understand it well… Sometimes I hate it too but sometimes it’s really fun when you actually learn its real time applications.

        Hey btw… Why did u ask for fb and all? Lol… I am like waiting that finally the real name of the pseudo one will be revealed… Lol

        Liked by 2 people

      10. Hahaha ohoo baat gayi huh! Maths and me don’t go well..seriously…its a no no! Aww you’ll be disapointed cause you’ll just get the pseudo name there too xD Smart girl here! And I wanted to start a group of bloggers there so we can help each other out!

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      11. Well…
        It’s okay
        I don’t mind pseudo name…
        Make a new one in gmail… I don’t mind….but seriously get out of here… And come in hangout or something… It’s becoming really like a chat mountain here….

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      12. And I found it when you wrote this comment. I had just settled into studying but I guess it’s not in my kismat to study. So here I am
        For Amit : I am well aware of oestrogen and testosterone and you are the lucky ones who have more of the latter than former or else you would be like us crazy gurls all hyper in the chat comments. Also I really do hope WP makes a chat room because life would be so much easier for us bloggers. I can’t type all my thoughts coz you never know who might be reading (ahem like you) and judging 😛

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