Poetry ranging from love, romance to the intricate challenges of life.

I absolutely enjoy going through this page, partly because it took soo long to make it, but partly because it shows me where I started from. Whether its the graphics of my early work or the poems themselves. I love looking at where I’ve reached with my writing.

I want to remain transperant with you, so I’ve let them remained flawed even though they are evident to me now but the feelings are so pure and real that I hope you forgive them. So, there you go! Hope you enjoy the journey of my poems.

The Reasons I Don’t believe in Fairytales. (A relatable poem)

A short poem about finally growing up and understanding that the cliches of the world aren’t actual realities. How loving yourself is alot more important than finding someone to love you and about saving yourself.

Actually, I Allowed You to Hurt Me

A hard hitting poem on the feeling of deserving the bad way people treat you. Realising that you don’t deserve it and taking away their power.

Losing Your Keep

This poem is based on being reminded of your power. It is filled with boldness, quirk and confidence that her lover lost his keep.

Inside a Broken Castle

A Medival-Era Poem based on a Princess finding the strength to fight the battles she faces.

Destroy Me

A poem about the destructive ability of romantic endeavours. The want, need and acceptance of it.

Riding Love

A poem on my interpretation of the ‘The first sighting of Love”. It explores the idea that we all fall a few times when we learn riding a bike, why is love any different?

How Did You? 

A short poem about the first instance of love, the rush and fear. The wondrous feeling and more.

The Blogging Poem

A short poem for every new blogger/ creator in the world. Dealing with the intricate world of Blogging and the trap of fame.

Fixing Ourselves

A super short poem about being in a bad space and fixing ourselves.

Hate Him 

Exploring the idea that the reason you may hate or dislike someone is because you are afraid of loving anyone and they make you feel things.