Official Being1nsane merchandise! 

I have put in my heart and soul into making these for you. I hope my words brighten up your homes and help you move past the dark times in life. From dark to light to bright we have something for every unique style of yours.

Fresh Like Sunshine

Whether it is a Monday morning or a very stressful day I hope this reminds you of the sunshine within you and helps you lighten the day up! Maybe a mug can help you push it all away? 

Grew Through It

Sometimes things happen without reason or logic, they just do. I hope whenever you look at this it reminds you that whatever has happened to you, it didn’t break you. You grew through it. 

Facing Fears Everyday

Something as scary and threatening as facing your fears has become such an everyday thing for you that you don’t even realise you do it. I hope this mug or tote bag reminds you of your strength and how badass you are fighting o many battles every day. 

I am extremely excited to be sharing these with you after all the work and time put into it.

These beautiful designs wouldn’t have been possible without Vikrant Bannerjee,  who pushed me and helped me with them. All credits for the designing them goes to him.

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They make new minimal movie posters every single day.

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It’ll mean a huge deal to me. 

Keep an eye on this space because I have a lot of new even better merchandise coming your way!

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Thank you fellas ❤