Why we desperately need girl friendships in today’s times.


Girl friend a.k.a A women’s constant companion, support and a mirror in public places.

On this girl friend’s day I thought to myself, why is it important? Why do we need it? Why do we need it in today’s times?
So I asked my girl friends about it and it changed how my thinking.

Here are some of the answers I got from my girlfriends- 

  • We need girl friendships because now is the time we are speaking out, breaking the rules and standing strong. Women were always badasses and we always fought but it is now that our efforts are being seen and heard. So we need to fight harder, together.
  • We need girl friendships because right now, is the perfect time to hold hands and pull each other up. It’s the perfect time to break old clichés that we were taught about hate, scratching and pulling each other down. And should finally, respect each other.


        This really got me thinking. Because come on, if we don’t, who will?
  • My best friend said that We need girl friendships today because we were always taught to hate each other. We were shown time and again that we aren’t enough. That we cannot do the things men can. While the truth was that we always could. We need girl friendships to remind us of that and to inspire us ahead.
  • We need girl friends because it’s the time to not look down upon other females for doing humane things.
  • Braah we need someone to educate us about periods and so much that happens with our bodies. School never taught us, parents didn’t. Who will? Girlfriends on the way!
  • Because who else will check my hair for me and do my make up. Who else will I have sleepovers with without my parents having a heart attack? and who else will understand the little differences your in life for being a girl.
  • We need girl friendships today because apart from being born in a time where we were taught girls are dumb and mean. Some of us loved when we were taught to hate. That’s how we started, we grew, we built. You and me. That is why it’s important because we need to continue building
  • We need girl friendships because why drag each other down when we can all rise up together?
But what I gather is that this isn’t a challenge only one of us can surpass, alone. We all need to step up for it. We all need to change minds- starting with our own.
I believe that the challenge of changing people’s minds about women isn’t a job one can do alone. That we all need to step up for it. We all need to take part in changing minds of people but first, should start with our own.
Yes, it’s not like nobody is doing anything. Some of us are doing these things. Some of us are joining hands helping each other rise. But we need more. So much more.
We need more love, more trust more respect being shown. In the crooks and crannies of this big world. We need to spread the message that we all can flourish and bloom without tearing each other down. Trust me, there is enough space for each one of us.
I believe, girl friendships are important not just because they’ll provide sanitary pads and tampons when you need them. They are important today because they see and go through the same fears and hurts of being a girl. Because we all share the same pain which is enough to bound each one of us together. Which the rest of the world won’t understand.
We need girl friendship because We still hate the girl our boyfriend cheated with rather than the boy who cheated. So many girls still can’t take another girl succeed and often pin it to “extra” givings.
We judge each other – rather harshly, based on stupid things like the brand of our clothes and how well our eyebrows are made. We break other women down to stand a little taller. That’s just petty.
Girl friendships are important because if we don’t support each other, who will?
Because changing yourself to become the ideal girl for a guy is not the way to go. It never was and never will be. And we all need girlfriends to remind us of that. Because having to shut down your feminine side to fit in in the world is unfair to us. Because just hating on each other for no reason is dumb. Because the least all of us deserve is to be treated as a human.
Girl friendships are important because we all pull each other down without regrets. Because we spend huge amounts of money for “basic self-care“. Because we still blame the victim more than the criminal. Because we are still expected to have our legs waxed, our eyebrows plucked and our hands shaved. Even when those acts are so inhuman.
We all create standards of judgements for other girls. Where being beautiful is more important than being smart.
It is okay if a girl wears shorts with hair on her legs. If She is confident about it why do you care? It is okay if she wants to wear a short skirt. It’s her choice. Remember that.
We hurt each other, we drag each other down and spill shit about each other in different ears.
You may say you aren’t like that or don’t do stuff like that but you can say that only if you’ve never judged a woman because of the guy or guys she has been with.
Girl friendships are important because we cannot win a battle alone. Not until we all come together and respect one another, understand each other.
There are different cultures, traditions and frankly mindsets that we are going to have to shake up and if we aren’t together how will we do it?
The thoughts of men will change if we make them change.
Aren’t you tired of sitting around waiting for something to happen? Aren’t you tired of blaming men and hoping/ begging for better laws/ situations?
Then help change it.
I am not saying go ahead and change the whole system and shake everything up in a fit. I mean, if you want to…go ahead girl!
But we can start small. Start by respecting other women around you. Start by making them feel beautiful about themselves, by pulling them up and encouraging each other. Start by not judging a girl by what you hear of her. Start by not pushing another girl down or making decisions for her. Start by supporting another girl friend if she takes a stand against something you believe in. Start by actually giving meaningful compliments.
Start small, if we all do it, it will be an impact. It has to be.
It is very important to have this impact in today’s time.
It’s important to come together when we’ve been forced apart so many times. It’s important to respect each other, learn from each other and pull each other up.
So let us start small because honestly? We desperately need girl friendships.
Share this post with all your girlfriends and let them know how important their friendship is to you. (And the world!)
Happy Girlfriend’s day!

17 thoughts on “Why we desperately need girl friendships in today’s times.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for coming here and reading my work. And yes, it is frustrating and pointless to be breaking each other down when we could be building instead. Each one of us is affected only because we are women. And if we don’t come together who will. Thank you! I am so grateful for you to come and do the same for me! 💖

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  1. An excellent post about a subject that hides in the open. Now the truth of equity can’t be denied even though inequity is still well entrenched. Women are rising to power without even realizing it. But success or failure of women isn’t in the hands of the patriarchy to decide. It is yours to win or lose dependent on rising together or tumbling alone. It’s what I want my daughters and their daughters to believe.

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