So let’s laugh for no reason [ Motivating poem]

So let’s laugh
For no apparent reason
Let’s run through lights
And feel joy in our stomachs
Let’s roll down the window
To let the wind caress our cheeks
And scream just for the glee
Let’s allow ourselves to laugh
To smile and giggle and to be happy
Without any situation
Without any reason
Without any condition
Let’s give ourselves the permission
To be happy
To just for one moment let it all go
And be a vessel through which life flows
Let’s for one moment be whoever we need to be
Let’s for a moment believe whatever we need  will come back
Let’s just throw our heads back for a second
And look at the stars up there and thank them
Without caring if anything exists up there
Let’s just fill ourselves with the molten silver liquid that we just want to control.
Let us just Thank the world for existing
Just thank the sky for standing
The moon for glowing
Let’s just laugh
From our bellies to hearts
Let’s laugh
Cause no apparent cause
Being a little crazy is always fun.
All of us are pretty insane anyways.
Let’s just laugh it off
And glow like the sun
Without any real reason
but because you want to.
Sometimes you just gotta be crazy, run through the lights.
Times have been uncertain so let’s just laugh, let’s laugh at everything around us. The BEE ZAR ness of it all ( Yes, sorry i saw that TikTok and just had to).
Had published this one on Instagram first. If you liked this, you probably will like the other ones.

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