The Topic Thingy



Don’t you know what The Topic Thingie? Well, duh isn’t why you are here. Don’t ya worry you are in good hands!

Let me tell you a little about this blog, I am a sensitive person and I take pride in accepting that. I feel emotions a litttle more intensely than most people out there. I sometimes get too overwhelmed with what I feel. At times like those I love knowing someone out there feels the same complicated, extreme emotions as me. I am sure MANY do.

And then there are days when I just wonder what someone else might feel like? Sometimes I crave to feel something. 

Therefore, TA DA I made this blog. I want it to be a corner full of wholesome stories, poems, and articles. Things that make you feel.

So, every month I will announce a topic. A topic everyone and anyone can send in a short story (less than 500 words) , poem or an article on. 

Apart from the Topic you must remember the submission should be on atleast one of these  –

1) Describing emotions in honest hard words, felt cause of any situation real or false. The emotion should feel legit. (Can be through a story also)

2) We feel that emotion because of your words. 

3) What you did do about that emotion, did you come out better? What did you learn? What would you advice the people going through it? 

Let’s get you up to date with what it is!

1) So every month I will have a topic announced, right here on this blog.

2) The topics may be a situation, a prompt, an emotion or even a TV series! Basically, anything that needs us writers attention xD.

3)  The topic every month is a challenge to all the bloggers out there if they can write about the topic of the month. Just check out how to participate down below!

4) I will join in and write a post on it too. Add on to the circle!

5) You need to put up the link to your blog post, (with the TTT logo) in my comments section of the post that announced the topic. (It’ll be there in the menu on the top)

6) From all the posts I will choose top three of them and will add them to the list of amazing reads. This way we all can weave in the threads to make this blog the proper net for emotional reads.

And yes, I am naming it The Topic Thingie! *cheers*

Why? Mainly because well…It’s easy to remember and it explains what it is on its own! Other than that TTT looks like a cool symbol! Right? Right?? Right!
And well…three are good enough reasons for the name xD

What you gotta do to participate in The Topic Thingie?

  1. Check the topic for the month out. It’ll be there in the menu. ( Don’t want you to get lost now do we?)
  2. Prepare your piece for it.
  3. Add in The Month’s Topic Thingie logo and the link to my post. (It will help me, it will help you and it will help the community! So why not?)
  4. Now just post it on your blog! And give me the link to your post in the comments of any of my this posts on the topic.
  5. Simple right? I’ll post the links (Yes the link to you blog, so you get the traffic, not me) of the three best in a single post with the ” all time best posts” post. That is some honor too, to be honest.

Kindaa like an award right? Pretty easy! And it will help you find so many bloggers out. It will knit us all up.  See! Its a happy blogging place xD

It will help both of us! So shoo bloggers go and start writing a Post on the topic of the month!

Goodluck 😉


70 thoughts on “The Topic Thingy

  1. Wow this is something great you are doing here 🙂
    I would read up on your blog but it’s just that I have my exams coming and the competitions and stuff -_-
    Anyways I will try to submit something(if I get the time :p ) and I hope to see more of your wonderful writings because you know you inspire quite a lot of people as well 🙂


    1. Hahaha you are too sweet! I just cannot stop laughing rn haha really! Thank you sooo much haha it’s so sweet! And I am a party without stress! What more could I want! And your work was pretty amazing too! So are you going to participate in the TTT? I would love to see you here!

      Liked by 2 people

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  3. Oh my gosh I love this! (thanks for liking my post!)

    I’m an author (the water travelers series & other stuff) so I try to shine light in people by the books I write. But I can’t wait to do a post specifically on this topic this month. This is so cool. I just love it so much. You’re awesome.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks! It’s such a fun journey, but I gotta salute you! You’re the reader, the one willing to trust an author to keep you alive while taking you on a crazy journey.

        And I can’t wait to write it, It’ll probably be sometime next week!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. For TTT I am xD Guess every writer is a reader anyways xD I do trust words to take me on exciting adventures, yes. I’ll look forward to your post! Goodluck with it! Happy new year! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Great idea and very fitting for this time of the year. I know I was going to do the last one but I didn’t get chance. I will try again this month. Thanks

    Liked by 3 people

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