How losing people works.

How Losing works edit

Okay guys! Here is my last post on “Losing Things”  So here is the writing piece for ya’ll!  I will be posting about all the people who took part in the first everrrr – The Topic Thingie! Thank you so much guys! Hope you enjoy this one  😉

I know you’ve lost someone. Maybe you weren’t prepared for it , maybe you were but that doesn’t matter because it still hurts .
Maybe they are living and breathing and don’t want you , maybe they do but can’t be with you or maybe they aren’t breathing anymore. Maybe you think of them all day or something just reminds you of them and you just want them with you so bad.

We are here for you. What you are feeling now we all have. And it is totally reasonable. The thing is at some point our pain binds us together. No matter how different we all are.

Losing things has always been hard on us humans.  Moving on like it never happened is another level of pain. Why is it that they get the easy escape? Why is always you, who ends up with the pain?  Why is it always like that the only person you love is the one that pains you.
I don’t know. I honestly don’t. All I know is life goes on.
It doesn’t matter if it is a friend that you have lost, family or a lover, There is just that horrible bitter feeling of what is going to happen ahead? Of whether you will find someone like them ever again. Whether that empty lonely space in your heart actually get filled anytime soon?

You don’t know. But the clock keeps ticking and your scared the world will move on from your loss and you wont. Maybe the world will leave you behind. You know what though. You’ll be fine. You will find people who you need in your life ahead.  Who will help you grow. It will take time honey it will, but someday you will forget you were ever lonely cause you will be so happy and full that nothing would matter to you.

You think how maybe if you didn’t say a certain thing they would stay, maybe if that one thing didn’t happen they would still be with you. Maybe. But that would be borrowed time and would ruin the relation you had. Just try being thankful for what you had and how it ended cause it could be much worse.
You wish you cherished the times with them more…you wish you didn’t just let it go like that. But some things cannot be fought through. Some people need to leave and that is okay. You will move on. You will find new people. Even if at first everyone will seem boring, annoying and just not good enough. But They are, just give them time and don’t compare or judge. Just don’t. Trust me you will move on.

I know you miss them. Whenever something good or bad happens, all you want is them with you. But the truth is they are happier without you. Just imagine they are healthy and smiling, and worry about yourself instead. Easier said than done.

But one day you will let them go with all your heart. You will keep the memories, times , laughs, everything in a box with shaky hands and lock it all away. You just let go and gosh it will pain. It will sting and your whole soul will ache, as if in denial. In start you will  check the box you hid everything in, each and everyday and will think what is the point of locking it if you are going to see it every so often. But day after day it will lessen. You will check it once a week in a bit. That is how you let them go. Opening your fingers slowly and patiently. You feel lighter. You feel you can enjoy more. You feel peaceful.

Point is you let them go even if it feels like your dying inside. You are strong. And treat yourself well, it wasn’t your fault. Remember that.

Suddenly it would have been years since you would have checked that box. So you decide to look through it. You carefully check each memory out. You handle them with care.Right then at that moment you will hold it close to your heart and will  have just one wish for them. For them to be happy where ever they are.  And that is when will you realize you have grown up. And will smile creep to your face through the tears.

38 thoughts on “How losing people works.

  1. Great message. The happiest people are not those who dismiss the past, but instead rectify it in their minds or actions or both. Moving forward in a healthy manner requires “injuries” (mental and physical) to heal. Avoiding pain does not provide solutions and only increases the stress on the body from “carrying” it in the brain. Your story provides methods to deal with hardships. People would be wise to read it several times to fully understand how powerful a message it is and how much better their lives could be if they were willing to address their problems.

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    1. Thank you so much! “Don’t defy the past but rectify it in your mind” big words there. It is true you cannot just ignore it all and expect to heal. You got the core message of it. It takes courage to address the problem face on though. So very few people actually do it. Thank you so much for reading it and comments like those are what we writers write for! Good day! 😉

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      1. Hahaha samee! I actually never thought anyone would read my work tbh I am amazed by the response. Even wrote it in one of my poems that I just want people to read my stuff.

        Just checking if your too lazy to do it xD Cause I have a few of them pilled up lol


  2. I think I read this somewhere that the pain of loss never really goes away. What time does is that it increases the duration between the phases of pain. So in those intervals, life becomes easy. But when those periods end, you have to open that box again, and like you said, tears and smiles come in pairs.

    Very thoughtful post Jade.

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    1. Thats makes so much sense tho! Maybe with the interval we just get used to it more than anything . The pain is there we just learn to deal with it. Those are beautiful words there dude. Like tears and smiles always a pair. One follows other.
      Thank you!! So much! ;D

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