A quick poem about a Love in Spring


A short love poem that didn’t evolve the way I thought it would. Losing someone when you thought they will be there is just another experience. It takes away your trust in things and people. It’s okay though you grow up and learn from this. You now understand better who to trust and who not to.

Hope you like it!

In spring I met him

He loved my laugh 

And asked me for coffee

In summer we cuddled on his bed

While the screen played some random movie

In fall my life started falling apart

My smile weaken and my eyes lost their shine

And through I tried to battle

with all my might

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What I Love About Her?

What I love about her edit

She asks what I love about her,
And I think of her wild brown hair that dances with her in her pokemon Pjs .

I think of her blush that starts from her neck and stains her whole face in a matter of seconds. I think of her wild smile that heightens my heart rate all the time. I think of the times she holds her head high. I think of the times  she annoys me out of my mind when I wonder if she is crazy but gosh I fall harder those times.

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A little hope, A little life

Holaa! Merry Christmas guys! This was my first poem i published publishing out to the world. It just goes with the TTT and I like it soo…Hope you like it!! A little hope in a little life A little tug and a huge smile A little love travels a long road Its Our story Its Our fights Long nights seem so little in time Beautiful kisses and unshameful snides So many hurdles so many pins But our bubble stay s the same Covers us over our heads Pushing us together again and again To save the bubble we fight For … Continue reading A little hope, A little life