What I Love About Her?

What I love about her edit

She asks what I love about her,
And I think of her wild brown hair that dances with her in her pokemon Pjs .

I think of her blush that starts from her neck and stains her whole face in a matter of seconds. I think of her wild smile that heightens my heart rate all the time. I think of the times she holds her head high. I think of the times  she annoys me out of my mind when I wonder if she is crazy but gosh I fall harder those times.

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A little hope, A little life

Holaa! Merry Christmas guys! This was my first poem i published publishing out to the world. It just goes with the TTT and I like it soo…Hope you like it!! A little hope in a little life A little tug and a huge smile A little love travels a long road Its Our story Its Our fights Long nights seem so little in time Beautiful kisses and unshameful snides So many hurdles so many pins But our bubble stay s the same Covers us over our heads Pushing us together again and again To save the bubble we fight For … Continue reading A little hope, A little life