About me

So you may think who is this girl just starting a blog out of nowhere thinking she ll get Me to follow her. Is there something interesting on her blog ? Or is it just shit written in a good way? Well you either think that or just don’t really care.

Hola! I am an Indian girl currently sitting in the local train writting out to you. Yes I am just a normal girl with over the top height but I ve wanted to make the world hear my voice. So here I am just starting up a blog. I know it won’t be easy but I am gonna try my best! Hope you guys come along and help me out around! It d be awesome if you all do! I’ll be posting every once a week (just in case your wondering). What I’ll post about is the big question here! Check the blog out soon to know the answer 😉

Being 1sane 😉

111 thoughts on “About me

      1. Hahaha awww it will come naturally and you type pretty quick too. Sorry for spamming your posts by comments. I make friends on internet easy and chat at 1000 miles per minute. Real life : 10 words per minute lol

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      2. Hahahaha I really don’t mind it! Spam all u want! I really wanted a friend out here! Hahaha I forced my self to get social recently! Oh why thank you! I do like to believe I can type fast too xD

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      3. Sorry my phone battery died and while I waited it for it to recharge, I died (well technically slept :P) Internet friends are best. You can talk within the comforts of your home, don’t have to change for a meetup and best of all you have friends all around the world yaaay. You DO type fast gurrll don’t underestimate xoxo


      4. Lol Its okay I died too so its pretty much the same! Yeah but it sucks that u can’t meet them in real or actually be there for them! Or u know go out and have real memories! That really sucks tho ! Lol yeah I know I type fast it’s just ur faster xD

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      1. Awww really? Dammnn itt!! I guess embarassing stuff do tend to stick like glue. Though Glue is better, you can get it off somehow. Internet is not that kind!! Oh well you tried. Thanks Jade. Learnt my lesson. Look before I type.


      2. Nooooo it will be cringeworthy status that everyone is embarassed they posted years ago. Please for the sake of everything you dearly love, don’t make me beg more, coz it is hurting my ego, DELETE!!!

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      3. Yaaaaaay partaaaayyy!!!! Sending you love and chocolates and Hershey kisses for the almost death threats I sent and for the effort you put to track the delete button down. Also sending a potion that you have to drink before you go to sleep. It will help erase the embarrassing memory from your brain too.Send it to Lavanya once you are done. 😛

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      4. Hahahahaha Hershey kisses!n omg I m craving them now!! Hahaha I can handle them DW 😉 a portion that can get me to sleep would be great too! You see got my temp up right now. Wait. You know wizards?? Can I meet sirus black! Plessshh!

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      5. Omg!! Did I just find a potterhead Indian who even blogs!! Gosh!! Sirus black is my fav! My sweeeet heart xD Hogwarts I wish wish I could be there! I wouldn’t even mind leaving n going xD

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      6. Saame!! We should just pack our bags and go and live there. Soo much fun yaar!! We could stay awake all night and nibble on chocolates and play pranks on other kids. Plus learn the British accent and put spells on each other.


      7. Omg yes! And roam around in the forest and die by a monster eating up! Or reading the history of hogwards with harry n everything! And have our own common rooms omg! Even chcooclate frogs would be Soo good!

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      8. OMG soo epic!! I would love reading history then. Bessst is common rooms. Play games and chat for hours and have so much fun gorging on chocolates frogs!! This has to happen! I would save all my money to go there. I wouldn’t travel anywhere else

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