Giving up on Your dream? You need to read this!

Giving up on a dream edit

Scared? Nervous ? And uncertain? Yes, for sure.

Because you have this crazyyy idea stuck in your head and somewhere an unrealistic part of you is ever believing it can come true. Stupid stupid part. That part doesnt know what will happen if you fail right? I mean yeah its not going to be the one facing rejection. How about you forget about all that for a second now?

Now think of where you want to be, where you will be if you take up on that crazy idea in your head and work like a dog on it. Think of how you will be proud of yourself, think of the satisfaction, think of the success of your dream. Now see where you are right now. On the first step, with this dull ache in your heart because you are not where you just imagined to be, where you want to be. Why is that the case though? It is because you are doubting yourself right now. Just because you are telling that driving force in you to shut up.  But that force wasn’t made to quieten down.

It was made with the knowledge of your long term goal. For your motive of existence. Don’t tell it to shut up or want it to cool down because when you will look back at your stable life in an old house by the country and you will wish to have at least taken a shot. Just to see how it went. Just the crazy idea deserved a chance.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. –Wayne Gretzky

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What is True Strength?

Strength edited

So today let me share with you a piece i wrote a while back when I felt i needed some bad ass advice! Hope it leaves a thought or two with you 😉 Oh and hope it inspires you too! As this is the second post of TTT for the month! Also I’ve started posting on Instagram. Oh my god I got so much feedback there in so little time! Truly grateful! Thank you for the support guys! If you haven’t checked it out- It’s – being1nsane. Over there. So go on 1nsaniacs! Check out a few quotes by me! Won’t disappoint for sure! And do tell me what you think of them then 😉 Lets connect over there? Anyways Here goes the write up! Enjoy!

Its so funny how all  of us have fears , pains and million thoughts in our heads.
Its beautiful how we just put a mask on. So we can smile for the world .

Its salute worthy how we just purr our worries aside and focus on something else, something new even if we don’t really care .

How its so painful yet simple to act “normal” when all we want is to scream out loud and cry.

How we just tell people we are tired so they can leave us alone because you know you cant pretend anymore. Even for their sake.

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She DOESN’T Need to be Told.

She doesnt need to be told edit

She indeed was different. She didn’t have sparkle in those eyes but red hot fire that could burn you alive. And now as I stand here alone, I realize she didn’t need anyone to tell her anything. Her little diary filled with lines and her phone filled with screenshots dint need to tell her to be bright either.

She didn’t need you to tell her to fight cause she will end up doing that but when she feels like it.

She didn’t need to be told that you are there for her or that you love her. If you did. She would know.

Even now, when she has lost herself and all you see is the mess of a broken soul, She doesn’t need you to tell her to hold on for a bit more because she will any way.Even if she loses hope for a bit she will find it again. She knows that. She doesn’t need to be told how strong, beautiful, amazing or any other bullshit you say she is because she already knows.

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How losing people works.

How Losing works edit

Okay guys! Here is my last post on “Losing Things”  So here is the writing piece for ya’ll!  I will be posting about all the people who took part in the first everrrr – The Topic Thingie! Thank you so much guys! Hope you enjoy this one  😉

I know you’ve lost someone. Maybe you weren’t prepared for it , maybe you were but that doesn’t matter because it still hurts .
Maybe they are living and breathing and don’t want you , maybe they do but can’t be with you or maybe they aren’t breathing anymore. Maybe you think of them all day or something just reminds you of them and you just want them with you so bad.

We are here for you. What you are feeling now we all have. And it is totally reasonable. The thing is at some point our pain binds us together. No matter how different we all are.

Losing things has always been hard on us humans.  Moving on like it never happened is another level of pain. Why is it that they get the easy escape? Why is always you, who ends up with the pain?  Why is it always like that the only person you love is the one that pains you.
I don’t know. I honestly don’t. All I know is life goes on.
It doesn’t matter if it is a friend that you have lost, family or a lover, There is just that horrible bitter feeling of what is going to happen ahead? Of whether you will find someone like them ever again. Whether that empty lonely space in your heart actually get filled anytime soon?

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