A Bollywood Movie Review – October by Shoojit Sircar

On a Friday at 8 am I was extremely busy catching up on eight hours of sleep in mere five hours. Another wasted night of staring at my screen. My phone sprung to life as I saw my childhood friend’s name appear on the screen. I made the mistake of picking it up. “Get up we are going for a movie ” and I had no choice. In exactly ten minutes she was at my place ready to muscle me for a movie. Maybe I need to find a different group of friends. “Why are we doing this? I have a presentation at 1” I groaned. “We’ll be done by 12, hurry up!”

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A guilty boy. A bell and a mother- Refreshing Short Story


A short story about a teenage boy finds comfort by admitting to a crime to a mother. However, things aren’t how they seem.


The Crimson sky was over his head as he walked towards the door. A seventeen year old with difficult decisions in tow. ‘Is it really worth it?” he wondered. Maybe not, but he needed to finish this game once and for all. 

The brown wooden door seemed more daunting than ever. He noticed the stains on the golden door knob. He would know, he had been staring straight at it for days now.  There were so many times he had tried to do this but couldn’t. So many times that his fears overcame his intentions.

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