Why we desperately need girl friendships in today’s times.


Girl friend a.k.a A women’s constant companion, support and a mirror in public places.

On this girl friend’s day I thought to myself, why is it important? Why do we need it? Why do we need it in today’s times?
So I asked my girl friends about it and it changed how my thinking.

Here are some of the answers I got from my girlfriends- 

  • We need girl friendships because now is the time we are speaking out, breaking the rules and standing strong. Women were always badasses and we always fought but it is now that our efforts are being seen and heard. So we need to fight harder, together.
  • We need girl friendships because right now, is the perfect time to hold hands and pull each other up. It’s the perfect time to break old clichés that we were taught about hate, scratching and pulling each other down. And should finally, respect each other.


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A quick poem about a Love in Spring


A short love poem that didn’t evolve the way I thought it would. Losing someone when you thought they will be there is just another experience. It takes away your trust in things and people. It’s okay though you grow up and learn from this. You now understand better who to trust and who not to.

Hope you like it!

In spring I met him

He loved my laugh 

And asked me for coffee

In summer we cuddled on his bed

While the screen played some random movie

In fall my life started falling apart

My smile weaken and my eyes lost their shine

And through I tried to battle

with all my might

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She DOESN’T Need to be Told.

She doesnt need to be told edit

She indeed was different. She didn’t have sparkle in those eyes but red hot fire that could burn you alive. And now as I stand here alone, I realize she didn’t need anyone to tell her anything. Her little diary filled with lines and her phone filled with screenshots dint need to tell her to be bright either.

She didn’t need you to tell her to fight cause she will end up doing that but when she feels like it.

She didn’t need to be told that you are there for her or that you love her. If you did. She would know.

Even now, when she has lost herself and all you see is the mess of a broken soul, She doesn’t need you to tell her to hold on for a bit more because she will any way.Even if she loses hope for a bit she will find it again. She knows that. She doesn’t need to be told how strong, beautiful, amazing or any other bullshit you say she is because she already knows.

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