Fearing age

Since this is a new blog and you all dont have any idea about me. I decided to do a post about myself! The question that popped up in my head was What is our biggest fear?

No I am not talking about the ones from spiders or heights or anything like that. I am asking about your biggest fear from life. Is it dying too early ? Not being able to live enough? Not being able to do the things you wanted to. The things you ve dreamt of? Well my biggest fear is living for too long.

Did you just go like ‘what?’ in your head? Well do let me explain. Imagine sitting by the window being 60 year old, retired from your job , having pains in the joints and fake teeth, so many friends and memories forgotten, so many dreams unfulfilled, your lovely children all grown up with families of their own. And you Feeling like a burden on them even when they tell you otherwise.

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