A Bollywood Movie Review – October by Shoojit Sircar

On a Friday at 8 am I was extremely busy catching up on eight hours of sleep in mere five hours. Another wasted night of staring at my screen. My phone sprung to life as I saw my childhood friend’s name appear on the screen. I made the mistake of picking it up. “Get up we are going for a movie ” and I had no choice. In exactly ten minutes she was at my place ready to muscle me for a movie. Maybe I need to find a different group of friends. “Why are we doing this? I have a presentation at 1” I groaned. “We’ll be done by 12, hurry up!”

So I quickly changed my clothes, brushed, ate my breakfast and ran outside to find an auto. Now, I must say, normally I am not such an energetic improv girl. Neither is my friend. However, it had been days since I had spent time with her and I had bailed on too many plans before so I rushed along with this. “Which movie are we going for?”

“Which one?” I asked. She rolled her eyes and said
“It’s a Varun Dhawan film”
“You’re taking me to watch an action film in the morning?”
“No, check out the trailer it looks different”

So I did. It surely looked different. It looked rather….not Bollywoody. The storyline seemed interesting, of a girl that wakes up from an accident having forgotten everything and takes the name of just one boy. The boy is confused as to why she’s asking for him. It also looked like Varun Dhawan was trying something different so I relaxed. Alright, this can be interesting. However, I later realised the trailer wasn’t what the movie was about.

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