11 fresh Writers, You can read for Free!

Last year on my birthday, I featured my favourite writers online in hopes of giving back to the community, showcase some new Ah-mazing writers and to give you some more writers you can read online for free.

Since my birthday is tomorrow. I am continuing the tradition I started last year. Here is my birthday present to all of YOU.

Here is the list of my 11 favourite writers that inspired, improved, challenged and taught me through their writings online in some way or another this year.

Writers that you can read huge amounts of work for FREE online and be inspired challenged and amazed.

Fasten your belts…

Here we go!


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Quickly Grab the TTT spotlight with this challenge

Exams are over! Let the party begin!! Wooohoooo

Been a while huh. I extended my vacation…But I am BACK. And thou shalt fear them shadows No more! Cause…well…I am BACK with a lot more exciting things and soo much for all you 1nsaniacs!
Oh god where do I start. So much has happened!

But first thing first…

I Made an ebook

for you all amazing people!

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