The Facebook Group

So recently I started this group to find fellow bloggers, help each other out and grow as bloggers, writer and authors.

Oh and to have some fun 😉

Do check it out cause it has just started you wouldn’t wanna miss out right?

Now what will you get out of this?

1)People to read your post on your finger tips

2)Honest feedback

3) Guest posts (either way)

4) Audience reach

5) More blogging relations

6) You meet more bloggers in your niche

7) Links shared to help each other

8) Easier blogging for you 😉
Rules are simple

1) Don’t be mean and respect other bloggers

2) We told you to be honest not rude

3) Don’t troll and Do not steal other people’s ideas.

4) Positivity, honesty and encouragement are appreciated loads!

5) If you find some one of this niche do get them to join, lets make this group a huge place to help and find help!

Here is the link! So what are you waiting for? Join in!

Blog on friends! 😉

Being1nsane 😉

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