Inside a broken castle- Poetry


inside a broken castle edit
Poetry by Being1nsane

Inside an old castle – Poetry

The walls are peeling out

Gone is the king, Gone is the queen

Their only remain,

Remains is the princess,

Now the queen

Alone sits the princess in her lush gown

Alone cries the princess with her mighty crown

Gone are the smiles, gone are the joys,

leaving behind just frowns,

Gone are her parents with a massive sacrifice

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Topic for November Released!

Losing things is always difficult on us because we get attached to them. Specially if it was a human or a living thing. I really would like to know what are your views on this. What you all think are the emotions or even how you cope up with it or how your character does. You may be thinking why am I telling you all this. It is because The topic for the month  of November 2015 is “Losing Things”. In the sense of losing hope, losing life, losing everything just about losing things. Hola! So as most of you know about … Continue reading Topic for November Released!

About me

So you may think who is this girl just starting a blog out of nowhere thinking she ll get Me to follow her. Is there something interesting on her blog ? Or is it just shit written in a good way? Well you either think that or just don’t really care. Hola! I am an Indian girl currently sitting in the local train writting out to you. Yes I am just a normal girl with over the top height but I ve wanted to make the world hear my voice. So here I am just starting up a blog. I … Continue reading About me