But Sometimes They Leave, No matter what (Poetry)

But darling, sometimes they leave.

They just walk off while standing right there.

And that is the biggest deception of it all.

They are there. Standing.

But not for you anymore.

The people you trusted so much,

the people who were your rocks are suddenly gone.

And it makes you question everything from day to night

and how maybe that is what you always were supposed to be, Alone.

And sometimes the people you saw your future with, Leave

Without stumbling or even pausing.

Without hesitating even a bit.

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Not Ruining another Day.

 Not ruining another day

Suddenly its been a while since they left. You are finally learning how to live without them. It has been a while since you accepted they wont return. You know because you waited. You waited for too long. 

Then one day suddenly you randomly hear their name on the street.  By the most whisper by two giggling girl. You hear their name and your world stops still.  Your heart starts racing and your mind goes blank and everything runs back to your head. The memories, the tingles, the loneliness it all comes back again. Your eyes start tearing up and your grip on the coffee mug loosens. You bite your lip , yell at yourself to get on with it. But you just cannot. Not anymore. A lone tear makes its escape down your cheeks against your will. Just a name is all it takes.

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How losing people works.

How Losing works edit

Okay guys! Here is my last post on “Losing Things”  So here is the writing piece for ya’ll!  I will be posting about all the people who took part in the first everrrr – The Topic Thingie! Thank you so much guys! Hope you enjoy this one  😉

I know you’ve lost someone. Maybe you weren’t prepared for it , maybe you were but that doesn’t matter because it still hurts .
Maybe they are living and breathing and don’t want you , maybe they do but can’t be with you or maybe they aren’t breathing anymore. Maybe you think of them all day or something just reminds you of them and you just want them with you so bad.

We are here for you. What you are feeling now we all have. And it is totally reasonable. The thing is at some point our pain binds us together. No matter how different we all are.

Losing things has always been hard on us humans.  Moving on like it never happened is another level of pain. Why is it that they get the easy escape? Why is always you, who ends up with the pain?  Why is it always like that the only person you love is the one that pains you.
I don’t know. I honestly don’t. All I know is life goes on.
It doesn’t matter if it is a friend that you have lost, family or a lover, There is just that horrible bitter feeling of what is going to happen ahead? Of whether you will find someone like them ever again. Whether that empty lonely space in your heart actually get filled anytime soon?

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Losing Your Keep

Losing your keep edited

No matter where you will go
You will be reminded of her

Her voice , her scent will follow you around

You will search for her in everyone you meet
And the moon , stars and the sun will watch you struggle through the pain

She was the kind of girl that taught you how to breath right
The one could make your house, a home.
The one that made the darkest times seem bright
That calmed your fears with just a simple smile
And sang lullabies to you while her fingers caress your mind

And the world fell asleep that night with her voice echoing through it.
No matter where you will go
You will be reminded of her
You will search for her in everyone you meet

You chose some one else over her?
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