Why we’re obsessed with Shane Dawson and Jeffrey Star’s series – Gotta be Honest

Over the past month Shane Dawson, a youtube star, has been continuously uploading videos of his latest docu-series called “The beautiful world of Jeffery Star”. A series documenting the entirety (or so to say) of creating a makeup line. Technically it is publicity and marketing but it doesn’t feel like it.

This isn’t Shane Dawson’s first series yet for some reason this series has been way too interesting to stop watching it. It isn’t even their first series together.

To be very honest, it isn’t a very information packed series. They don’t teach anything new. However, I wanted to explore the reasons we still cannot help but wait for each episode’s upload!

Beauty editor –

As a beauty editor, I consider myself a makeup expert. I’ve met countless brand founders, interviewed dermatologists and cosmetic chemists about ingredients, and routinely tried the latest launches before the public knows they exist. Even with all of that knowledge, I still find myself learning more about the industry than ever before thanks to Shane Dawson’s new YouTube series with Jeffree Star.

at is some amazing marketing.

– Popsugar

For this post, I want to dive in deep to explore what worked for them and how you too can use it. As a blogger, influencer, marketer, etc.

Shane Dawson and Jeffery Star

Why the series so interesting to watch?

1. Raw and Honest

Now, I know every seller is told to be honest about their products but Shane Dawson is an expert at this, maybe even without knowing it. The little ways he stands up for his audience “I want to cover it all” and the way he freaks out about private jets (just like any of us) is incredibly adorable and feels honest. Hearing about the fears of the creators and watching them dance out of happiness is such a treat.

2. The story of the brand

Since the start, of the brand to the end, we feel like we know it all. Even though, honestly? We don’t. However, knowing the story of how certain names came through, how certain colours got selected made the whole range of products more real to us. The series makes you feel invested in the brand.

What we learnt – In this advertising crazy world, showing a complete (at least seemingly complete) story of your brand is insanely important. People trust information and trust helps build loyalty. People can tear the series apart in terms of technicalities but not on the way they told the story of their brand. As a creator try telling a story about yourself. (I should start doing this too).

3. Tickling curiosity

Though the makeup industry is worth billions more people don’t have any clue what goes on behind the scene. The series provides new information about various aspects of the ever distant makeup industry, seemingly difficult business procedures and a simple map of how it all works. It tickles the right bone in every episode, with the perfect amount of drama built around it. (Eg when Jeffery Star reveals the average profits for other makeup brands. )

What we learnt – Everyone has a curious bone, as someone who wants’s people’s attention – tickle it. Knowing hoe much makeup brands make has no value in my life but I still sat rooted to get the answer. Build curiosity and hold it – a little longer.

4. Beautiful Partnership

I personally never thought Shane Dawson and Jeffery Star can work together, as personalities. Here we are though! Their contrasting nature is at the core of the entire series. Shane’s superpower is that he can be completely vulnerable with people and Jeffery Star’s superpower lies in his ability to feel royal and exclusive.

Shane Dawson is so likeable that he makes Jeffery look likeable. The fact that he is so nice to Shane it makes us like him.

What we learnt – We get two amazing characters to follow and watch as both of them learn from each other in the most subtle ways. Eg – Shane learns how to do business with grace and Jeffery learns to be a lot more comfortable showing a more vulnerable side.

5. Filled with Bling

Jeffery Star ups the level of the video from being another home video. He adds the bling to the whole series. This is important to make the viewer understand how big the things being talked about here are.

What we learnt – It is a visual world. Make sure things look beautiful, not just the quality of it but the contents of it too!

6. Binge-worthy edit

The edit is so binge worthy. It moves back and forth in time as consecutive events happen. It is pretty brilliant.

What we learnt – Editing is usually an overlooked skill and a thankless job, however, if you pay close attention to it – editing can do wonders. If you make content on visual mediums you definitely should pay attention to smart editing techniques. This series would have been a bore without the right edit.

7. You care about Shane

Even though you’d know nothing about shane dawson, he’s still extremely relatable – whether it is when he talks about how being trending affects him or when he shows a beautiful montage of proposing to his boyfriend. Or even in the start when he accepts he has regrets in the way he hasn’t used his following well. It’s so real that it makes you want to jump in and console the man.

His ability to be vulnerable in front of millions of people is exactly what makes him so likeable! You want to know what happens next in his “little” project.

In contrast, Jeffery Star has always had an air of elusively, he never felt approachable this makes it so much more interesting to watch.

What we learnt – People need to care about the protagonist. This is piece of basic advice given to all writers. With changing medium we need to make sure people care about the face of the brand too. People will watch a three season show because they care about a character but if they don’t they won’t even watch the best rated show’s second season. You need to make the character likeable and give the audience a reason to support them.

On a side note, I do think Jeffery Star still gets more than Shane Dawson does out of the deal but he gets a steady flow of income and he seems pretty happy with it.

Why Jeffery still gets more than Shane

As a proper business person Jeffery really knows the right buttons to press. Sure, Shane earns a lot of money but Jeffery gets 50% of it too. While getting a few more benefits like-

  • A wholesome image restoration (after all those ‘controversies’)
  • An introduction to a new audience
  • Audience’s insight into her life and expertise – crowning him as the ‘ultimate’ makeup artist and business person.

So that’s it! You can follow the series on Shane Dawson’s Youtube channel. Till now 4 episodes have been uploaded of the 9 part docu-series.

We’ll see if it’s still binge-worthy.


As a blogger, marketer and pop culture enthusiast (whatever that means) I felt the need to write about this series.

There have been several topics that I’ve wanted to write on. It’s nice to switch things up a bit around here.

Essentially, this can be a new series. We can call it “Gotta Be Honest”. It’ll simply be my review of new trends and finding out ways to learn from them.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to countinue this!

It’s a lot of fun.

See you next week. Ciao!

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