Not Your Hero – Poetry

 Not Your Hero

His jokes are bad

but I still smile.

His hands are thin

but I still hold them.

He has those innocent eyes filled with romantic movies,

He looks at me like we are in one

He looks at me

Like a drowning man looks at his saviour,

Like I am the light in a dark world

But I've never been a hero I don't know how to be

I just borrowed an angel’s wings

because he called me one 

I should’ve known wearing wings doesn’t make you an angel

I wish I could’ve steal the halo

For he deserves someone with one.

His dreams are simple, a family of two in a small town that’s orange 

Mine are a mess filled with ladders and hopes of breaking barriers.

 His are safe and mine are storms 

His eyes are in love 

And my words shouldn’t be trusted at all.

It feels good to play roles 

I don’t want to be an angel when this world can’t handle one

 I don’t want to be a hero when I can be a ruler 

I don’t want a small town when I can have a city 

He looks at me like a drowning man 

Looks at his saviour

I am sure he’ll learn how to swim.

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