11 fresh Writers, You can read for Free!

Last year on my birthday, I featured my favourite writers online in hopes of giving back to the community, showcase some new Ah-mazing writers and to give you some more writers you can read online for free.

Since my birthday is tomorrow. I am continuing the tradition I started last year. Here is my birthday present to all of YOU.

Here is the list of my 11 favourite writers that inspired, improved, challenged and taught me through their writings online in some way or another this year.

Writers that you can read huge amounts of work for FREE online and be inspired challenged and amazed.

Fasten your belts…

Here we go!




1 ) Lang Leav



One of my favourite writer of all times. Her hauntingly beautiful words always leave me breathless. She reminds me what being a true writer is like, Honest. Whether she is talking about heartbreak or loving yourself or the seasons, it sounds so unique through her writing. She is an inspiration to me just like so many others.


Which is exactly why I went ahead and bought her book – Love and misadventures 

Holding it and reading it is such a different experience- I am so glad I did.

Her last book is – Sad Girls which is her first fiction book.


2) Firechild

A strong woman that won’t take your BS. M.Firechild certainly stands up to her name. Her words have a kind of fire in them that you don’t find very often. They are raw, bright and filled with sass. Sometimes they can make you chuckle and sometimes they can make you ponder over your decisions.



I have been a fan of her words for a very long time too and honestly I know I will continue to be so.

3) Papercrumbs



Papercrumb’s words are a lot like broken glass on the floor. They look beautiful and can make you bleed but somehow stick with you. You can see she writes her mind and has a strong back bone. I love her work so much, it is like a mirror for me.

You can find her work on Instagram, facebook, pintrest. She is kind of a very big deal.


She also has a _ pages book called “Brain food for big kids

Certainly, must read it, I mean come on- just read the name. It’s so interesting.


4) Serendipticmoments

This was a new writer that I found in real life. She has depth and honesty in her writing.

Her words are as beautiful as she is. Reading her real, pure and honest words will not only make you relate to her but also have empathy for her. Knowing where she is coming from.

We had beautiful conversations and even more beautiful days. She battles for her writing dream just as most of us here. So, Go check her out and encourage her to start uploading again.



5) Sidd_Long


Simple, pure and yet somehow magical. Taking on the name of a dragon, this _ Korean?* man’s work is filled with calming and yet hard hitting words.

Having a huge popularity on Instagram not just with his audiences but also other influencers, it isn’t wrong to say that his words can charm anyone and everyone.

His poetry really inspires me and makes me think about the small details of life. His longer works take you on different journies. I have been following him for a long time and have always loved his work a lot.


6) Gemma Troy 


Though fairly new to me they have left a huge impression on me. Their simple words with deeper meanings and beautiful backgrounds just take me in an experience. Looking at their posts bring a sense of calmness. Do check them out on instragram.



It was the kind of moment where your idol knows you exist.


7) Samantha King


A published author, writer, poet and a beautiful soul. Her words always hit straight to the heart and sometimes make you crave for a perfect love. Oh and the female version of Rh.sin.

“We yearn so badly to be healed We let anyone in We cram them into what small space we have left Hoping they have good intentions” – Born to love, cursed to feel.

She writes about heartbreak, love, life, soul mates, hurt, healing and so much more. Her words always have a kind of warmth in them and sometimes really leave you thinking. Filled with beautiful words, she is one of the writers at even thought catalogue.

Her articles and poetry are just amazing. She also has _ books her latest being – Born to love Cursed to feel.


Born to Love, Cursed to Feel is about love—the good, the bad, and the confusing. It touches on morals and how when emotions are involved it’s not as black and white. The poetry is frequently written in a narrative manner that evocatively pulls you in and makes you feel. This book is about falling in love, bad decisions, and ultimately growth. The essence of it all is to show that no matter how far one falls all the mistakes don’t have to be what defines them.

Buy it from here! – http://amzn.to/2tR821v


8) Nopedthefuckout


As her description says “Dark poetry from a dark soul” I believe that is the best way to describe her work. They aren’t the kind of dark where it is about abuse or really dark things but it’s more on the lines of a little madness and recklessness. Her quotes stand out to me because they say the things that we are too afraid to accept.

They put out the emotions that you may be avoiding. With a beautiful template and a galaxy background, she is growing at a great rate.


9) Chloefrayne


Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 12.08.59 AM

A recent but an amazing find of mine. Sharing her words with paper and beautiful backgrounds she has amassed a huge following over the internet. With more than 54.5k people just on Instagram, she has certainly touched many hearts. Her words are well thought out and relatable. I really love her work and the way she presents it.


She is also the author of the book – Letters why they are all you.

10) L gray

Self-love, heartbreak and falling in love are some of the recurring themes she covers. Simple, elegant yet thoughtful words will linger with you log after you’ve read them. Mostly writing short quotes and about love. She somehow brings in a twist and freshness in her words.

Go check her out on Instagram where she has a 30k following and fairly active on twitter, facebook too you can find her just through a google search.

She is also the author of the book – “Immortal Lies



11) High Poet society

One of my all time favourites and refreshing writer. He describes himself as a silver tongue with iron lungs With beautiful posts like –


and heart touching yet smart poetry. He has amassed a huge number of followers online. He published his poetry and even made some merchandise for us. His words have such power in them and sincerity that it always touches my heart. Great work and amazing voice.

They do have a book too which is called “High poet society” 






If you spotted your favourite writer then share this and tag them in it!

If not, Comment down below with YOUR favourite writers that I SHOULD absolutely check out.

Go on, and wish me a birthday too xD

Thank you loves for being amazing to me all year round!




13 thoughts on “11 fresh Writers, You can read for Free!

  1. I saw your “star” in one of my posts that you made through the WordPress reader and I liked it. So I decided come here and make a real visit in your blog and read your thoughts in form of literature.
    You are a talented writer and a good PR to deal with people.
    This post was a very good boost in my point of view about the meaning of good writings. Good writers. Awesome job.
    Kind wishes.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh and happy late late birthday. I am so very new to blogging. Most of my favorite writers are analog (so funny to me) Joy Harjo, Anna Ahkamatovo, Pablo Neruda, always Margaret Atwood, Anne Sexton, etc. I could go on and will if you want.


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