But Sometimes They Leave, No matter what (Poetry)

But darling, sometimes they leave.

They just walk off while standing right there.

And that is the biggest deception of it all.

They are there. Standing.

But not for you anymore.

The people you trusted so much,

the people who were your rocks are suddenly gone.

And it makes you question everything from day to night

and how maybe that is what you always were supposed to be, Alone.

And sometimes the people you saw your future with, Leave

Without stumbling or even pausing.

Without hesitating even a bit.

Yet the Worse thing to happen the times they don’t leave,

When they stay without wanting to.

Even if that feels good at first it just tortures you, slowly.

  You see in them every day what you lost to life.

You realise that even when you are drowning

and trying to scream for help

Your trusted rock is just going to stand there

staring at you.

And that memory will never leave you.

It’ll rob you of your ability to love or even trust.

But then sweetheart,

One day someone else will come.

And I am not saying they will save you.

Because you would have done that already.

But this person will heal the things in you

That you weren’t able to heal.

Wounds that you didn’t know were still bleeding.

And you will push them away

but this time,

just this time

They will stay.

Maybe they’ll stay longer than you wanted

 maybe they’ll leave too soon.

But trust me, honey.

You’ll never stop being grateful for they will

teach you.

  To love again

So, I wrote this poem just a few days ago and though I had something else planned to post this week, I just had to share this one with you. It’s something from the heart and I haven’t been able to write from the heart for a while. Working on that and I am working to get on with the blog too.

Oh! Also if anyone of you all have a touching poem to share with us. Mail it to me ( beinginsane002@gmail.com ) and maybe you can be the first guest blogger on this blog 😉

I will give the credits and everything for sure.

So I love you guys!

Oh and if you haven’t subscribed and be able to read my ebook for free! And ofcourse never ever miss a post on here ever again! 

I am going to change the day of posting from Friday to Saturday.

Mostly so, I can be on time and on schedule. Also, cause it is the damn weekend.

See you all on Saturday 😉

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