I still remember that night. (Short Poem)

Man Looking Up At Stars

And I still remember that night

When the whole world had gone dark

Just little lights in little homes

Far far apart

I still remember how we had grabbed our tiny flashlights

And had flashed them on the lonely lifeless street

below our rusted black balcony

We were hoping to spread a little light

In a dark, dark world

It amazes me how we hoped,

No matter how little our lights were

And I still remember how other little kids

had joined us in our craziness

Flashing little lights with us

Helping someone cross a dark street

And I still remember the wide smiles

When electricity returned

Brightening every inch again

Making everything normal

And I remember how everyone would forget there was ever a dark hour

And I remember how everyone would forget about it

but you.

You changed the cells in the flashlight

And kept it on a shelf close by

And now I can see

How you are still spreading the little light in a dark world

with a little flashlight

And I can see how others are joining you.

Joining in to make a man cross a street.

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14 thoughts on “I still remember that night. (Short Poem)

  1. Ah, life as a kid was a simpler time. Still, I don’t wish to go back. I love this poem. It takes me back to those simpler times. Times you didn’t have much worry or too many cares.

    Such a beautiful poem.

    Cheers! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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