The Angel That Found Her (Break up)

She lay there on the ground broken to bits with the darkness hugging her, the pieces of her heart lay scattered on the floor all around her. She looked around helplessly and tried fixing the broken pieces but ended up making it even worse.

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Nothing seemed to be working. Nothing could be fixed she thought. She covered her face with her hands and broke down. Her shoulders were shivering and her whimpers were audible but there was no human to hear them there. She was all alone, or so she thought.

When she looked up again she saw an angel sitting there carelessly but sporting a  worried expression. The winged lady asked her to cry more ,so the little girl did.

The angel preached that the tears always healed the wounds of the heart but the girl couldn’t explain how tired she was of crying for him so she just didn’t say anything in return.

But It was as if the angel could read her thoughts so she changed the topic throwing the girl off hand, she asked

“Why do you keep chasing his memories around in circles?”

The girl thought how she did that cause she was scared, she was scared that she will forget them but remained silent. Again the angel seemed to hear her and said “Isnt it good if you forget them?  That way you forget about him too”. Did she even want to forget him? She didn’t think so. Instead she said
” But those are few of the best memories I have in my life. Who am I if I just forget them? “ she whispered for once, no use holding back anymore.

“What if i tell you to Let this one go, and I promise to you that you will have a lot better ones than that, then would you let them go?”

“Those were beautiful times you know, everything was so magical and I felt like myself for once, everyone here is there for me but none of them know the real me like he did, He was different you know?”

“Of course, he was different honey, you fell for him after all”

the winged lady replied in a velvety voice. And damn, the girl broke down again, the lady sat there patiently waiting for her to finish. When she did , the lady asked her one more question.
“Why are you so stubborn on keeping him? Don’t you trust life to send a better person for you if he is taking some one ? What if the lesson he was supposed to teach you Is over? What if all that silly boy was doing was dragging you down with him? Don’t you want to grow as a human? Experience new things?”

The little girl hugged her legs close and remained silent. She knew the angel was right but she didn’t have faith in the fact that someone like him will ever return in her life, maybe that was the point but right now, all she wanted was him. She did not want to have a new beginning with all the awkwardness and all the problems again, she just wanted to lie in his arms once again and stay there forever like everything was good.

“The truth though is, it isn’t true honey, he gave his arm to someone else and you need to snatch the piece of your heart that he is still holding hostage. You need to snatch it back because you own it. And you have the power to choose who to give it to. And right now, he doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t care if it was his fault or your fault or both of yours, maybe you should have fought harder, maybe you should have walked away sooner. Those are too many maybes!

Don’t you get it? When you did what you did, it was the best thing you could have done. All the decisions you took have landed you exactly where you are and that is exactly what you needed. To grow, to mature , to win.

That pain is the exact amount you need to go ahead in your life. The exact amount of storm that you will look back at and be proud you made out of. But I know saying that doesn’t lessen the pain at all but I hope it makes you accept it? I hope you stop running away from it.

You had the courage to fall in love with your eyes wide open and now have the courage to fall out of love honey.

You can do it. Make a decision to not let it drag you down. Honey its okay to coop up and cry, allow yourself to mourn but put a stop where there needs to be one. Don’t go exploring what Is in that black hole, it is just dirt, despair and extreme pain out there.

Do yourself a favor, work with yourself not against yourself.

Don’t blame yourself or anyone just let things unfold the way they have to. Don’t force anything but a smile. And for a few days let the pain consume you, it will only strengthen you honey. I love you and I am there for you for whatever you want. And I know he said that too but I was there for you even before he came. Just trust me baby.

Now the little girl’s eyes had reddened and her cheek was dripping wet. She sobbed and took a minute to collect herself but quickly asked “Who are you?” In a throaty voice.
“I am you.” The angel replied and hugged the young girl tightly for a second only to disappear with the wind.

I wish this helps anyone that just broke up or is going through a break up or just having a tough time. I am sorry but it’ll pass, I promise.

Hola! I am on vacation but somehow managed to be on time this week! Woohoo mee! Geez you guys should be proud of me! In all seriousness this piece is really close to my heart. I enjoyed writing it and wrote it with that writer boost! Ya know that amazing blessing? Bet every writer knows it!

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11 thoughts on “The Angel That Found Her (Break up)

  1. Beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking, soul searching, wonderful read. Thank you so much. I was engaged to a man who broke my heart. I am not sure of the date of this post. I blogged about it. I am also new to linking. Kind of working my way through the WordPress learning experience for blogging here (even though I started my blog last year). Thanks for sharing this. I am sure it will help many.

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    1. I am sorry to hear that. Thank you so much for your wonderful words! You just made my day! For linking you just need to highlight the words and use the linky symbol up there. Not sure I can explain it well xD I am sure Google will be helpful haha If anything you can contact me. No worries! And thanks again!

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