The Blogging poem!

As I entered the world of blogging

It took my breath away,

It felt so good that someone out there read

The mess I wrote

Then there were flashy tags and bright headlines

Trying to teach me something I already knew,

How do you get everyone’s attention on you?

They told me try that and this,

To try and give out gifts,

Do that so people are loyal to me,

Not that there is any guarantee,

They showed a certain way to write

But that took away the joy

They played with words like toys,

Made me want to resign

Someone then told me how

Many already read what I wrote

And that’s all I ever wanted,

I realized likes and comments, matter not

If someone actually reads what I thought

So I took the bits I want

and let the rest clog,

Made my brain change its lane,

Promised to not think of follows again

Cause if I did I wont fight as much

As much as I might if I wrote for what is mine,

If my blog needs some fame,

It will through my words untamed,

Through my rules and my ways.

Nothing more

Nothing less.

Cause the world of blogging

Always takes my breath away.

Hey 1nsaniacs!

So this is my third work for This month’s TTT – AN Encounter With an Advice! What? You still haven’t submitted your work for it? Do it now! Go check out what it is HEREE 

Love ya ll!

Pst We hit 900 😉

Psst Get to writing writers! April is about to end!

Pssst What do you think of this? I had written it when I first started blogging, and even though the online marketing websites are REALLLY helpful they do get over whelming when you first start out. I thought about deleting this blog sooo many time because of the overwhelming feeling but if I did that.. How would we be here today huh? I am really glad I din’t and I din’t because of you all! Whenever I even think about that I read the amazing comments you leave here! And get right back to work. Thank you so so much guys!

108 thoughts on “The Blogging poem!

    1. Thank you! And it really isn’t about the follows or the likes. I get so happy that I get to share my work with people that actually care enough to read it. It’s a blessing, really.

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  1. I can tell you that I’ve had many blogs since Summer 2011, and the best way to “succeed”, and more importantly achieve personal satisfaction, is to just forget about Stats!!! My latest blog hasn’t been up long, and people are showing up with no effort on my part. Just write from your heart, and “they will come”. Best wishes!!

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    1. Same! I ve had a good number of unsuccessful blogs myself, so many that when I told my family I made another blog they were like…one more? Again? *sigh* hahaha Anyways none of them were about writing though! So I am glad to have this! Oii and thanks for stopping by! Really appreciate it!


  2. Kudos for 900. Yes – the feeling of someone reading what we write is satisfying, the realization that we are touching their souls from a far far distance is calming and fulfilling. All the best for a speedy 1K 🙂


  3. Very inspiring! 🙂
    I too am caught up with the blog bug.
    I truly do need to relax and be me and not worry whether people like me (or not).
    Thanks for this reminder … (so sorry, but what is you name?)
    I’m Robert, from York in the north of England. 🙂

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  4. Hi!

    I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – given to bloggers, from bloggers. Check out my latest blog post for more information 🙂

    (I know it’s usually to nominate blogs with less than 1000 followers, but you’re just over and I didn’t want to leave you off when I’ve loved your posts so much)

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      1. Hahahaha literally! And it’s even kind of funny how many ‘types’ of liebster awards are out there xD Everyone adds a little of their own touches haha


  5. Great poem! I started blogging with no interest of likes, followers or shares. I just find it very therapeutic blogging crap that goes on in my life. It’s for me to look back on in years to come and be able to remember stuff and have a laugh.
    Keep blogging, forget about the readers and just enjoy letting your mind run free with your thoughts.

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    1. That is a great use of it. I know a lot of writers who do that! One if my blogger friend says he blogs cause it’s cheaper than therapy xD Anyways I do want to take the blog forward but not by losing into numbers! Thank you!

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  6. Wonderful work as always and I think the theme is very relevant to lots of bloggers. I think blogging is tangled with this idea of fame, when we should really just be enjoying what we’re doing and then seeing what happens. By the way, I subscribed to you by email 🙂

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  7. Precisely captures what it is to blog. I am glad there are others who are interested in the “psychology” of blogging as they do it! You have a very well-presented blog too. Makes it easy to navigate and reader-friendly. Keep up the good work!

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  8. Second post that I read on your blog, and I already feel as if I’m home. 🙂 Thank you for sharing such a masterpiece. Keep shining.
    I’ll read more soon 🙂 So stay tuned for my responses.

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  9. I really love this! Perfectly summarises the struggles us new bloggers may face. Pretty much summed up my blogging experience so far! 😛 I made my blog a few months ago but was too focused on trying to write stuff to please the readers, which sucked the fun out of it. I came back to it 2 days ago with the intention of not pleasing anyone, but myself (& hoping maybe someone might relate to me somewhere down the line! :-P)

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  10. I agree with you, if we keep thinking about follows, likes and comments we’ll feel let down, so I guess it’s enough joy knowing that someone somewhere read your post

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  11. ‘It took my breath away’… a pretty apt description of when I first started blogging. I still remember the high when I got viewers from exotic places like Azerbaijan or Russia or Venezuela. If nothing else, blogging has done wonders for my knowledge of world geography 😀

    While getting constructive feedback from fellow bloggers can be of great help, at the end of the day we write for ourselves. If we write to please others, then it’s just another day job without pay 😉 Enjoy your creative spark and let the words flow 🙂

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    1. Hahaha i know right! Each and ever view feels so huge! I snickered reading this in public at the geography one (got the weird looks) hahaha. Oh well its information that matter right? Yes constructive feedback feel like blessings. That is so on point! It would be like a job! Thank you so much for reading through and commenting! It means alot to me! Cheers! 🙂

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  12. I really enjoyed your poem. And in reading through your feedback I had my own “Aha” moment. I’m struggling with just getting people to view my site. I shouldn’t care how many followers I should have. I should just write what’s in my heart and the rest will follow.

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    1. Havent we all been through that phase in blogging? And everything we do feels less, doesnt it? I am glad you enjoyed it. Yup just go for it, isnt that why you started a blog in the first place? Thank you for the comment! Cheers!

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    2. I am glad you enjoyed it! And dont we all go through those times! I am gonna start a few things for all us new bloggers. Exactly! You write from the heart everything else will follow in line. Dont worry much bout those numbers 😉

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      1. Hi Jade. Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I really appreciate it. If I may ask, how many posts do you try to post a week? Do you write everyday or just when the mood strikes? I am struggling with the whole regimented schedule. That’s just sooo not me! What’s your opinion on the whole 😠”You need to follow a schedule and post at the right times,” etc…

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      2. With me i just get to post once a week. So i chose friday. Every friday there is a post. There are weeks when i have more time than others so i sneak in a post then! Its pretty flexible you dont have to have to, have it on a specific time. Just chose a day that suits youm or finish a post whever in the week. Like i have random post ideas that i just draft and later then edit them. You need to find what suits you really. Your welcome! And thank you 😉

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      3. Hey Jade, how ya doin? I hope your day was pleasant. Did you have a good weekend? My husband and I are on a 5 month road trip across the United States. It’s been fun seeing new things but boy am I tired and missin home!!! Anyways, I hope your week is awesome. I look forward to your post next Friday!
        Take care,

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      4. Hey again teri! I am doing great! My day was pretty long but good thank you! Just stuck between exam xD How was yours? OMG 5 month road trip! That sounds Soo amazing! Literally what I need right now haha. Lady ! you’ll get home soon then you’ll miss hitting the road! I envy you right now haha Just enjoy it and appreciate it! 😉 That’s so sweet! I hope you like what it is!
        Enjoy! 😉

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      5. Hi Jade! The day is over here but it was great. I know you’re right. I miss home and will be glad to get back to it. And once I’m home, I’ll be yearning to get back on the road!! Haha. How did you do on your exam? Hope great. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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  13. Aaaah Jadey Wadey, my exact thoughts on blogging and that too in a poem format.If only you included chocolate in it, and cats, it would be all my passions and love together.Also Zayn Malik.And you hit all the points one by one on the spot. Really just quit school. Too much brainpower already 😛

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    1. Hahahaa that’s such a cute name! Please always call me jadey wadey I really like it! Haha. Only you can think of putting chocolates, cats and Zayn Malik in a poem like that Aaliya, only you! Thank you! And I know right! Too much brain power! xD But you know India….What will i fo without education!!! That is the only life line!! (Pstt Its important xD Anyways thank you dude! 😀

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      1. Alright jadey wadey. Henceforth you have been knighted by the title of dame jadey wadey or no much better is ladey jadey wadey hahaha.
        Hahaha yup that’s me. Crazy weird brain.
        True that. Achche tarah se parhaai karlo bachcha, ye poetry karne se kuch nahi hone waala haha.
        And my pleasure. No one has poemed (I made that word up so before you correct me, I KNOW) on blogging and you did. I like that!!

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      2. Yayyy! Lady jadey wadey it is then! I like it xD Now comes the responsibility of naming you something awesome Aaliyah! Thanks dude! I know I m trying something new out! And I had read Soo many blogging tips I was done with it all and u know that annoying feeling! Yeah that ! I was like ugrhhh then it clicked I can’t be the only one xD

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      3. Wow that is awesome. That click. That burst of inspiration. Workings of an author, scientist and all. I love sudden bursts coz when you get it, your brain goes in overdrive and words rush through. Good job!!

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      4. Omg yes!! And you need to run to write what your thinking in that moment cause you have no clue how long it’ll stay! Like quick before the high goes away haha let’s call it the writer high xD Thank you dude! Oh btw I need your help for something…you’ll prob like it though xD

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      5. Haha that’s an excellent term : writer’s high. First you hit a writer’s block then when inspiration strikes, you hit the writer’s high.
        Sure. DM me on insta or fb. And yes I already know I will 😉

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  14. I totally agree with your poem, we are here to express ourselves and not market ourselves,if we start behaving as per some rules and how others tell us to be,we will lose our originality,our uniqueness. some one who read what we wrote and share their ideas is more than the word ‘ satisfaction’ could mean. A big applause for your lovely poem and being so truthful .

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    1. Hey! It is true! It was just getting to my head and I felt like quitting and I am so glad I Dint! Seriously everything seems worth it when you see people read it! Thank you so much Sana! Means a lot 🙂

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